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Thomas L. Hogan, Ph.D., is an Associate Senior Research Fellow at AIER. He was formerly the chief economist for the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs. He has also worked at Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy, Troy University, West Texas A&M University, the Cato Institute, the World Bank, Merrill Lynch’s commodity trading group and for investment firms in the U.S. and Europe. Dr. Hogan’s research has been published in academic journals such as the Journal of Macroeconomics and the Journal of Money, Credit and Banking. He has appeared on programs such as BBC World News, Stossel TV, and Bloomberg Radio and has been quoted by news outlets including CNN Business, American Banker, and the National Review.

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Research Publications by Thomas L. Hogan

Title: Ben Bernanke and Bagehot’s Rules

Authors: TL Hogan, L Le, AW Salter

Publication: Journal of Money, Credit and Banking 47 (2-3), 333-348, 2015

Title: Capital and risk in commercial banking: A comparison of capital and risk-based capital ratios

Authors: TL Hogan

Publication: The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance 57, 32-45, 2015

Title: Central Banking without Romance

Authors: TL Hogan, DJ Smith, R Aguiar-Hicks

Publication: European Journal of Comparative Economics 15 (2), 2018, 2015

Title: Has the Fed improved US economic performance?

Authors: TL Hogan

Publication: Journal of Macroeconomics 43, 257-266, 2015

Title: Risk-based capital regulation revisited: Evidence from the early 2000s

Authors: TL Hogan, NR Meredith, X Pan

Publication: Journal of financial regulation and compliance 23 (2), 115-134, 2015

Title: Stability and the gold standard

Authors: R Aguiar-Hicks, TL Hogan, DJ Smith

Publication: Working paper. Available online at: https://papers. ssrn. com/sol3/papers. cfm, 2015