Topic: Regulation

The Only Financial Regulation You’ll Ever Need

– March 29, 2011

Financial industry regulation has been a hot topic in the wake of the Panic of 2008 and ensuing recession. Many pundits blamed the crisis on a vaguely-defined concept of “deregulation.” Over the years, they argue, governmental oversight of financial in …


“Why Financial Regulation is Doomed to Fail” – Econlog

– March 16, 2011

“Financial regulation may be the cleanest test of regulation in general, in the sense that if regulation works anywhere, it should work in the financial sector. Here, regulatory transparency is high: Banks report vast quantities of data to regulators, …


“Can Government Manage the Economy?” – James Payne

– February 1, 2011

“For 98 years the federal government has been attempting to prevent asset bubbles, recessions, and spasms of unemployment. In 1913, Woodrow Wilson created the Federal Reserve System, telling the country that this new institution would be “a safeguard a …


“Regulators Must Get Rules of the Road Right”

– October 28, 2010

“Americans rely on financial services to help meet their needs: for retirement, education, homeownership and indeed every aspect of their lives…  Will the new rules ensure that the costs of credit remain accessible for businesses and individuals to m …


Walter E. Williams – “Deregulation”

– October 12, 2010

Walter Williams, a professor of economics for George Mason University, speaks on the deregulation (or lack-thereof) that led to the financial crisis. The original video can be fond on


“Fed Seminar Probes Financial Reform”

– September 29, 2010

“Describing the financial industry as “hobbled, but moving forward,” Carson acknowledged the need for reform, but cautioned that not enough attention has been given to how to pay for it. ‘The cost of what is envisioned here is absolutely staggering,’ C …


“The Political Economy of Crisis Opportunism”

– September 15, 2010

“Like a river suddenly swollen by the collapse of an upstream dam, the ideological current becomes bloated by the public’s fear and apprehension of impending dangers and its heightened uncertainty about future developments. Bewildered people turn to th …


“Regulators Tighten Bank Capital Rules”

– September 13, 2010

“Global authorities have settled on their punishment for banks’ role in the financial crisis: a future encumbered by the burden of significantly heavier reserves that will impede the impulse to seek profit through excessive risk taking. Senior regulato …


“Ron Paul: Financial Reform Solved Nothing”

– September 1, 2010

“Just pretending that we can continue with the same monetary policy, the same Federal Reserve system, and all these guarantees sort of concedes that we’re going to have another bubble. If we have regulations and plans for how we distribute these assets …


“Nationalization of the Morgage Market”

– August 18, 2010

“On Sunday, September 7, the United States government took control of more than half the U.S. mortgage market, through its seizure—and that is the word used in mainstream press accounts—of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, two colossal government-sponsored e …


“New Financial Rulebook Tangles Loan Bundlers, Rating Agencies”

– July 23, 2010

“A minor rule change in the law unexpectedly shut down the market for selling new bundles of car loans and consumer loans after bond issuers, ratings agencies and the Securities and Exchange Commission found themselves caught in a tangle of old and new …


“Haste Makes Waste in Financial Regulatory Bill”

– July 7, 2010

“The Congressional Conference Committee worked all night on Friday, June 25, finally quitting at 5:37 in the morning, so that President Obama could go to the G-20 Summit in Canada saying that Congress had finished a bill. Throughout the night comments …