Topic: Sound Money Project

It’s October 1931

– February 5, 2010

“We are now more than two years into the Great Recession, which began in December 2007. In the Great Depression, this was the point where the Fed decided to raise interest rates to keep the dollar from depreciating (after Britain left the gold standard …


Henry Hazlitt’s “Lenin Was Right”

– February 4, 2010

Our friends at the Foundation for Economic Education have started a From The Archives blog. The intent is to pull content from their substantial archives (featuring many famous economists such as F.A. Hayek, Henry Hazlitt, Murray Rothbard and more) and …


“How Did We Get Into This Mess?”

– February 3, 2010

“As policymakers confront the ongoing U.S. financial crisis, it is important to take a step back and understand its origins. Those who fault “deregulation,” “unfettered capitalism,” or “greed” would do well to look instead at flawed institutions and mi …


“Shughart: Bernanke agonistes”

– February 2, 2010

“Mr. Bernanke has become something of a lightning rod for critics on the left, who think his response to the financial crisis that triggered the recession has been too timid, and for those on the right, who charge that the Fed has been overly aggressiv …


“Financial Crisis and Public Policy”

– February 1, 2010

“This Policy Analysis explains the antecedents of the current global financial crisis and critically examines the reasoning behind the U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve’s actions to prop up the financial sector. It argues that recovery from the financi …


“China Cools Lending Pace”

– January 29, 2010

“China hopes cooling the pace of lending will keep its economy growing without creating inflation and overheating.” See the CNN video here. “China Cools Lending Pace” CNN, January 25, 2010.


“The Fed’s Anti-Inflation Exit Strategy Will Fail”

– January 28, 2010

“Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has explained his exit strategy to prevent future inflation. The Fed recently began to pay interest to banks on the reserves they hold in their vaults. Using this new tool, it claims the ability to get banks to ke …


A History of the Federal Reserve: 1913-1951

– January 27, 2010

“A history of the Federal Reserve is a history of the decisions made and the ideas that prompted them. The chapters that follow allow the participants to explain their action and the reasons for them, in their own words. These decisions produced very d …


“Federal Government Continues Its Money Monopoly”

– January 26, 2010

“Prices rise soonest, fastest, and highest where the money is being loaned out. During the realestate boom until 2007, much of the lending went to real estate, and land values zoomed up. The Federal Reserve money monopoly does not just inflate the curr …


“Freedom and Sound Money”

– January 25, 2010

“In all countries of the so-called ‘free world,’ money represents nowadays a government controlled irredeemable paper, or ‘fiat,’ money standard. The widely held view is that this money system would be compatible with the ideal of a free society and co …


Change Policy, Not Blame

– January 22, 2010

The Obama administration thinks it has found the cure all for its economic woes. The solution: regulate, restrict and play God in the economy. (Not exactly a new strategy for government.) In usual fashion, government regulations and Fed policies bring …


“The U.K.’s Persistent Inflation Problem”

– January 21, 2010

“The U.K.’s economic policy puzzle just got harder. Inflation was expected to rise in December, but not by a full percentage point to 2.9%. That is well above market expectations of 2.6% and the Bank of England’s forecast of about 2.7%. It certainly pu …