Daniel J. D’Amico is an associated faculty member at Wabash College and the inaugural director of the Stephenson Institute for Classical Liberalism — a student-focused resource center dedicated to investigating questions related to personal responsibility, individual rights, freedom of speech, and the essential role of liberty in a free society.

Daniel’s current research is focused upon the applied political economy of punishment and incarceration throughout history and around the world. He has received several awards, including a Gordon Tullock Prize and the Israel M. Kirzner Award for best dissertation in Austrian Economics. Daniel’s work has been published in numerous scholarly outlets including: Public Choice, the Journal of Comparative Economics, the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organizations, the Journal of Institutional Economics, and Public Affairs Quarterly. Daniel was previously Associate Director of The Political Theory Project and Lecturer in Economics at Brown University, and is currently the co-editor of Advances in Austrian Economics, a fellow with the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, and an affiliated scholar with the workshop in Politics, Philosophy and Economics at George Mason University. He is a co-founder of the Carl Menger Essay Contest.

Website: www.danieljdamico.com