What Is Herd Immunity? (video)

– October 15, 2020

The following video, recorded Oct 4, 2020, as part of a meeting of epidemiologists and journalists, features, seeks to explain the basics of viruses and their spread.


A New Film on the Life and Work of Ludwig von Mises

– October 13, 2020

A new film about Ludwig von Mises (1881-1973) is a major achievement in getting the word out by this mighty intellectual of the 20th century. It tells the story of his life and work through interviews with top scholars and writers. Featured in this film are the following associates of AIER: Peter Boettke, Edward Stringham, Peter C. Earle, Jeffrey Tucker, and Gregory van Kipnis, along with many others. Many parts were filmed at the campus of AIER.

Drs Kulldorff Gupta Bhattacharya

Reaching Immunity: A Private Summit of Epidemiologists Against Lockdowns (Video)

– October 6, 2020

“During the greatest public policy crisis of our lifetimes, this film chronicles what appears to be a turning point, the moment when the moral courage of a few people broke through the pro-lockdown opinion consensus. With patience and careful explanation, the panel reveals the lockdown agenda as cruel pseudoscience that has had a devastating economic, medical, social, and cultural impact on everyone but especially the poor and struggling. This film will help everyone rethink what has happened to the world over the last 7 months.” ~ Taleed Brown

china tik tok

TikTok Is Creepy but Consumers Should Be Free to Decide (Video)

– September 28, 2020

“As the US-CHINA battle wages on, TikTok and it’s software shareholders are faced with the decision to sell ownership to the US or be banned from operating. I joined BBC World News to discuss the latest.” ~ Edward Stringham


A “Supercomputer” is Deciding the Politics of Australians (Video)

– September 18, 2020

“By decree of an anonymous university “supercomputer,” Victoria’s Dan Andrews has opted to extend stage 4 lockdowns. This is once again stalling the economic recovery of the region and plundering the wealth and liberty of millions across the state.” ~ Taleed Brown

New York City, Sunrise

The New Normal Is Wrecking New York

– September 10, 2020

“This collective fight against the coronavirus, which was supposed to be two weeks to flatten the curve, has to be one of the most socially destructive impositions our country has ever faced.” ~ Taleed Brown


The Clearest and Best Video Explanation of the Virus, the Lockdowns, and the Impact

– September 9, 2020

“Those of us who have been reading and writing on lockdowns and the Covid-19 virus have been frustrated in competition with media frenzy and disinformation. Many times since February or so, I imagined that the latest study would put an end to the fake-science silliness and highly damaging lockdowns. But it kept not happening.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


Democrats and the Blue-Collar Vote (Video)

– September 3, 2020

“With the DNC ramping up it’s campaign for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the country is now weighing the effective policy proposals of the ticket before election day. I joined Cavuto’s Coast to Coast to discuss the latest news.” ~ Edward Stringham


For Economic Recovery, the Lockdowns Must End (Videos)

– August 21, 2020

I’ve been doing some media appearances on the ongoing economic stagnation. It is not an accident of history. It is an imposition by governments. Constantly changing rules and stringencies hamper economic recovery, harm especially small and medium sized …


Fauci Pushes Goggles. Are Snorkels Next?

– August 3, 2020

“It was my pleasure to join Liz Wheeler’s show ‘Tipping Point’ to discuss the devastating GDP figures and the broader economic contraction facing America as we continue to follow the flawed strategy of government imposed lockdowns. I also demonstrated a possible next phase of clothing mandate.” Phil Magness


Tech Giants: Friends or Enemies? (Video)

– July 31, 2020

“The trouble with the tech giants is not their size, I argued in this appearance, on BBC World News, but their treatment of customer privacy and collusion with political forces for their own gain. A free market needs big business, but those businesses need not be evil.” ~ Edward Peter Stringham


The Worst Policy Decision in American History (Video)

– July 30, 2020

For the last 5 months, Americans have been bullied and punished by political elites who decided in their wisdom, to mask us, take away our jobs, depress our economic prospects, order us indoors and fine us, if we dare not comply.