“Among the full set of arguments offered for government intervention into the economy, those that are serious and credible are the exception rather than the rule. Most arguments for intervention are simply not credible, with more than a few being downright silly.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux

– September 26, 2022

Revisiting the Pokéflation

“During the massively expansionary monetary response to the Covid outbreak, the price of Pokemon cards and other assets shot to unprecedented levels. Contractionary monetary policy now has the opposite effect.” ~ Peter C. Earle & April Liu

– September 26, 2022

Ludwig Erhard: Architect of a Miracle

“Erhard’s legacy was forged in the decade and a half after the war’s end. He forever answered the question ‘What do you do with an economy in ruins?’ with the simple, proven recipe: ‘Free it.’” ~ Lawrence W. Reed

– September 26, 2022

Biden’s Impoverishing Americans To Cut Emissions Won’t Even Touch Climate Change

“Americans have been cutting more emissions than any other nation. We just didn’t do it the ‘right’ way, through government mandates. For our reward, we’ve been sold into worse inflation, worse energy poverty, and a worsening environment for rolling blackouts.” ~ Jon Sanders

– September 25, 2022

Fed Up With the Fed

“The Hamilton-Bagehot rule was superior to the modern Fed practice of flooding the markets with cheap money because it allowed insolvent firms to go bankrupt while supplying emergency loans to troubled but solvent companies.” ~ Robert E. Wright

– September 25, 2022

It’s Time to Undo the Harm the CDC Has Done to Pain Patients

“When a government agency ‘recommends’ a policy, it’s akin to a recommendation from Tony Soprano; it is inevitably interpreted as a mandate, obeyed by state and federal agencies, health insurers, and even pharmacies.” ~ Jeffrey A. Singer & Josh Bloom

– September 24, 2022

Milk Crate Law?

“Too many of us in this nation are willing to accept, even chuckle at, laws we know we’ll keep on breaking, confident the law will happen to someone else.” ~ Laura Williams

– September 24, 2022

The Myopia of Antitrust

“Intellectuals and officials arrogantly suppose that any contractual term or organizational arrangement that they cannot immediately understand as serving competition must therefore be devious exercises of monopoly power or attempts to secure such power.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux

– September 23, 2022

What Is Financial Literacy and Why Is It Important? (Video)

“On this episode of Liberty Curious, Robert Wright, historian and Senior Research Faculty at AIER, joins Kate Wand to discuss his new book: Fearless: Wilma Soss and America’s Forgotten Investor Movement.” ~ AIER

– September 23, 2022

4,000 Years of Failed Price Controls

“The people of ancient Eshnunna can be forgiven for not understanding why setting the price of a kor of barley at a shekel of silver was a harmful policy. Today’s policymakers, who have the benefit of history and economics, have no excuse.” ~ Jonathan Miltimore

– September 23, 2022


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