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Pave the Muddy Paths

We often think of “law” and “legislation” as being synonyms, but F.A. Hayek famously argued that there are important differences. If we start with individual habits, or patterns of...
Michael Munger- Jan 22, 2019

How $137 Billion Strangely Disappears

In fiscal year 2018, $137 billion was paid “improperly” by the federal government, according to a recent report. That number sums all the improper payments by what the government calls...
Veronique de Rugy- Jan 22, 2019

Free Enterprise Combines Self-Interest and Love

Try to imagine a frozen-over train station in Hudson, New York, at 6:00 p.m. on a Sunday night on a holiday weekend. The interns and I had hoped there would be taxis there. We were wrong...
Jeffrey A. Tucker- Jan 21, 2019

Identity Politics Is Devouring Itself

I’m writing on the train leaving Washington, D.C. following a normal weekend in the nation’s capital which hosted tens of thousands of activists who interrupted traffic flows and traipsed...
Jeffrey A. Tucker- Jan 21, 2019

No, Government Has No Business Regulating Loot Boxes

Loot boxes, or in-video game purchases that offer randomized features like new outfits, weapons, and other rewards, have long been treated as a menace by regulators outside the U.S. But...
Chloe Anagnos- Jan 21, 2019

Powell’s Game Plan

As Scott Burns has recently argued, the Federal Reserve is incapable of fighting the next recession through traditional means. So long as the floor system is in operation, the effect of...
James L. Caton- Jan 21, 2019


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