Mandatory Campus Health Plans are Robbing Students

Campus health plans have caught a serious case of progressivism
Emmanuel Sessegnon- Jul 15, 2019

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The Secret to AIER Publishing

Two main forces behind AIER's publishing mission speak to the Lions of Liberty about the books, the trials, and the opportunities of making great literature sing.   

Spending Addicts Rule the House

The economy is growing, revenues are growing, unemployment is low, and yet the U.S. government’s budget deficit is exploding. According to the Department of Treasury, nine months into the...
Veronique de Rugy- Jul 15, 2019

The Burden of Government Debt and James Buchanan's Corrective

Who bears the burden of government indebtedness? Prior to the Keynesian revolution in the mid-20th century, most economists understood that the burden of government (or “public”) debt...
Donald J. Boudreaux- Jul 15, 2019

To Help Women, Should We Boycott Women's Soccer?

The U.S. women’s national team brought home their second consecutive World Cup on the same day that the U.S. men’s national team lost in the CONCACAF Gold Cup final to Mexico.  The U.S....
Art Carden- Jul 14, 2019

How Powell can Set Right Monetary Policy and Financial Markets

Much drama has surrounded the Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell in recent months. Some leading indicators may be signalling a coming recession. In particular, a deepening inversion...
James L. Caton- Jul 14, 2019

Megan Rapinoe Understands Economics

Equal pay for women has been a roaring issue during the Women's World Cup, reaching its peak when, during the U.S. women’s national team’s victory parade, fans began chanting “e-qual pay...
Sam Frank- Jul 13, 2019

Speak Not of Trade Deficits But Goods Surpluses (Video)

Edward Stringham addresses the trade war and the mistaken notion of the trade deficit, speaking on BBC. 
Edward Peter Stringham- Jul 12, 2019

Economic Prediction Is Harder than the Pundits Claim

In the last few years, there has been a relatively well-performing economy in the United States, but we have been met with the same message every time we open the news: a recession is...
Sam Frank- Jul 12, 2019

July Business Conditions Monthly

AIER’s Leading Indicators index was unchanged in June, holding at the neutral reading of 50. The Lagging Indicators index was also unchanged in the latest month, repeating the May result of...
Robert Hughes- Jul 12, 2019

There Is No One Answer to Rule Them All

People have all kinds of different preferences and like all kinds of different things. We also do all sorts of dumb stuff. Sometimes, we want to share our passion with others, and...
Art Carden- Jul 12, 2019

Grocery and Restaurant Prices Offset in the AIER Everyday Price Index

AIER’s Everyday Price Index fell 0.4 percent in June reversing a 0.4 percent rise in May. The more widely known price gauge, the Consumer Price Index was unchanged in June. The EPI measures...
Robert Hughes- Jul 11, 2019

The Economics of South Park

People love South Park. In an age where shows attempt to avoid controversy at all costs, South Park co-creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone practically go out of their way to find it. ...
Emmanuel Sessegnon- Jul 11, 2019


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