The Chicago Fed National Activity Index Posts Another Weak Month

The Chicago Fed’s National Activity Index posted its third negative result in a row, but the index remains above levels historically associated with either recession or...
Robert Hughes- Mar 25, 2019

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The Slogan that Unleashed this Hell

In 1969, the salad days of New Left activism, a writer named Carol Hanisch penned an essay that the editor called “The Personal Is Political.” She was seeking to explain the ethos of the...
Jeffrey A. Tucker- Mar 24, 2019

The Tragic Trade-Off of Centralized Policy

Progressives have a “complexity problem,” writes law professor Tim Wu in the New York Times: In recent decades progressives have not prioritized making policies and programs easy for...
Max Gulker- Mar 22, 2019

France Is the Socialist Future We Should Dread

A lot of attention and ink are being poured these days in trying to explain to a generation of voters why socialism always fails. Not only does socialism always fail to deliver the...
Veronique de Rugy- Mar 22, 2019

The Case for Prepaid Debit Cards

Jerry Brito recently published a paper entitled “The Case for Electronic Cash.” He argues that peer-to-peer forms of payment like banknotes and cryptocurrency are essential to modern...
J.P. Koning- Mar 21, 2019

Philadelphia-Area Manufacturing Survey Remains Positive

The results of the Philadelphia Fed’s Manufacturing Business Outlook Survey was generally favorable in March. In general, respondents were more upbeat about current conditions but...
Robert Hughes- Mar 21, 2019

Golden Eggs and the Challenge of Our Time

Can we get capitalism’s golden goose to lay more eggs, and do so soon enough to avoid the Washington-planned economy that many now envision? That appears to be a key question in 2019. We...
Bruce Yandle- Mar 21, 2019


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