How Capitalist-Abolitionists Fought Slavery

A capitalist benefactor of the American abolitionist movement used his business to wage war against slavery. He ended up revolutionizing the American financial industry in the...
Phillip W. Magness- Aug 19, 2019

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Massachusetts’ Addiction to Regulation Keeps Most Pot Sales on the Black Market

Since Massachusetts residents passed a 2016 referendum legalizing recreational cannabis, the fate of the industry has largely been in the hands of the state’s Cannabis Control Commission...
Max Gulker- Aug 19, 2019

Coercion in Government Employment

Immediately after the Supreme Court’s Janus decision last June, which released government employees from the duress of paying forced union dues, union leaders began loudly to lament that...
Charles Baird- Aug 19, 2019

George S. Schuyler, Anti-Racist Champion of Liberty

One of the most difficult subjects to discuss in America today is race. It is the proverbial “third rail,” which, if talked about outside of the politically correct corridor of “identity...
Richard M. Ebeling- Aug 19, 2019

Economics Science Had Late-Scholastic Origins (Podcast)

Economics as a science began to take shape in the late Middle Ages as theologians began to come to terms with laws operating within the material world to enhance human well being.  In...
Phillip W. Magness- Aug 18, 2019

An Answer to the Pope, a Leader of Libertarianism’s Critics

Earlier this year, Pope Francis again blasted capitalism as “a fallacious economic model that has been followed for too long.” It is “profit-oriented, shortsighted, and based on the...
Jeffrey A. Tucker- Aug 18, 2019

Rothbard’s First Impressions on Free Banking in Scotland Were Correct

In the late 1980s, a fascinating debate broke out over free banking. Economist Murray Rothbard (1926-1995) wrote in a journal of his editorship a blasting critique of a seminal work on...
Joakim Book- Aug 18, 2019

Is It Obvious Yet that Tariffs Injure Americans?

For years now, competent commentators have tried to explain that tariffs do no one any good (on net). They are taxes. They increase business costs. They force businesses to cough up to...
Jeffrey A. Tucker- Aug 17, 2019

An Open Letter to Elizabeth Warren

Dear Ms. Warren, We have never met but your husband and I were once acquainted, when he was working on Republic of Debtors, an excellent book that I’ve had occasion to cite in some of my...
Robert E. Wright- Aug 17, 2019

To Whom Is the Fed Accountable?

Former Federal Reserve Chairs Volcker, Greenspan, Bernanke, and Yellen published an article earlier this month titled “America Needs an Independent Fed.” They cautioned against political...
Alexander W. Salter- Aug 17, 2019

Erratic Policies Pummel Consumer Sentiment in Early August

The preliminary August results from the University of Michigan Surveys of Consumers show overall consumer sentiment fell sharply from the final July result. Consumer sentiment fell to 92....
Robert Hughes- Aug 16, 2019

Housing Activity Picked Up in July

Housing construction activity was mixed again in July as total starts fell by 4.0 percent but permits for future construction rose 8.4 percent. Total housing starts dropped to a 1.191...
Robert Hughes- Aug 16, 2019

Conservative Plans for Tech Amount to Forced Association

Last week, I had an intense argument with a conservative friend of mine about alleged “discrimination” from various media platforms against conservatives. My main point to her was that...
Veronique de Rugy- Aug 16, 2019


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