The Rise of the Shotgun Banknote Switch

In times past the monetary authorities confined these sorts of stringent measures to war-time. Perhaps they should stay that way.
J.P. Koning- Jun 24, 2019

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The Libra Is More Significant than You Think

Though politicians and economists continue to presume otherwise, money is a veil. Changes in its value cannot change the real price of anything. That’s one of many reasons why the...
John Tamny- Jun 24, 2019

Protectionists in Plunderland and Wonderland

Some protectionists are from Plunderland. They turn to protectionism for the same reason burglars turn to burglary: to increase their wealth by snatching the wealth of others. These...
Donald J. Boudreaux- Jun 24, 2019

Austrian Economics on the 45th Anniversary of Its Rebirth

This June marks the 45th anniversary of the revival of the Austrian School of Economics. During the week of June 15-22, 1974, the Institute for Humane Studies brought together about 50...
Richard M. Ebeling- Jun 24, 2019

The Statistical Errors of the Reparations Agenda

Journalist and political commentator Ta-Nehisi Coates drew attention to the political cause of slavery reparations during a heavily publicized congressional hearing this week. While...
Phillip W. Magness- Jun 23, 2019

Tax-Extender Follies

When he learned of the news of the latest crazy-expensive, unfair, special-interest-driven spending proposal cooked up by Congress, Tyler Evilsizer of the Committee for a Responsible...
Veronique de Rugy- Jun 21, 2019

The Bad Theory Behind Overtime Rules

In the last months of the Obama presidency, the Department of Labor, on its own with no congressional authorization, issued a regulation that dramatically changed overtime rules for...
Jeffrey A. Tucker- Jun 21, 2019

Trade War Goes Bipartisan, and the Fed Will Make It Worse

Elizabeth Warren has recently surged to the top-tier of the 2020 Democratic primary polls on the back of a series of sweeping proposals she refers to as a plan for “Economic Patriotism...
Scott A. Burns- Jun 20, 2019

Remember the Good that Social Media has Achieved

It’s the popular and fashionable thing to do these days — on both the political Left and Right — to name, shame, and blame the social media giants for the death of American democracy....
Alexandra Hudson- Jun 19, 2019

Central Banks Contribute to Inequality

Inequality is possibly the buzzword of our day, having been called “the biggest challenge of our time” by the likes of Oxfam and being seen across the political spectrum as one of the...
Kai Weiss- Jun 19, 2019


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