There are Numbers, and There Is Reality

At the very least, some humility is in order. We could do worse than Yogi Berra recommended when he said, “If you ask me something I don’t know, I’m not going to answer.”

Peter C. Earle – November 20, 2019

Are We Really Ready for Free-Market Healthcare?

Throughout the vast majority of human history medical technology was so rudimentary that almost nobody had to face the choice between employing significant resources to prolong their life or using them for something else.

– November 20, 2019

Microsoft Saw What a Four-Day Workweek Can Do

One of the most groundbreaking characteristics of a developed economy is the freedom entrepreneurs and firms have to develop their companies as they see fit. It was precisely this freedom that allowed Henry Ford to experiment with the 40-hour workweek …

– November 20, 2019

Beto’s Fatal Blunder (Video)

In the first of a new series of videos produced by AIER, Justin Little takes us through the rise and fall of Beto, whose campaign flamed out on a long-shot attempt to rally a new base of support based on gun confiscation. Here’s where he went right and …

– November 19, 2019

Bourbon for Breakfast After 10 Years

It was last year when I was invited to address a dinner party. I arrived to find a copy of this book at every place setting. I was momentarily mortified: this is surely not my best material. What even is in this book? This attitude does reflect my outl …

– November 19, 2019
Housing starts

Housing Starts and Permits Gain in October

Housing activity continues to rebound from a period of weakness, but the upside remains limited.

– November 19, 2019

Bourbon for Breakfast: How to Love Liberty and Love Life

Are you bothered by bureaucrats, but do you still love life? If so, Bourbon for Breakfast is for you. Jeffrey Tucker’s essays are a masterful parody of government and a celebration of little things that make the world a better place. Murray Rothbard re …

– November 19, 2019

Why We are Getting More for Less

Thankfully, capitalism is not wrecking the planet. At least that’s the message in a brand-new book with the stunning title More From Less by Andrew McAfee

– November 19, 2019

Business Ethics and Morality of the Marketplace

Who do people consider to be less ethical or honest than either telemarketers or used car salesman? If you said Washington politicians, you’d be right on the button. According to Gallup News Services, members of Congress are right at the bottom of perc …

– November 19, 2019

How Many People Must Die to Fix the Planet?

Scholars claiming the mantle of scientific expertise have enlisted apocalyptic fears of a coming “population crisis” to advance sweeping programs of social engineering as a way to alter the course.

– November 18, 2019

The Most Important Concept Mises Taught Me

Key among the basic concepts of Austrian economics (a term that Mises rarely used; he preferred just “economics” or more broadly, “praxeology”) is the concept of methodological individualism.  This has been the most important of Mises’ basic conce …

– November 18, 2019

The Unbearable Drabness of Command Economies

In command economies, you get what you get and you hope that it fits.

– November 18, 2019

Suffixing Industrial Policy with “2.0” Doesn’t Make It Credible

When and to the extent that trade and markets are free, Americans benefit from innovation no matter where it occurs.

– November 18, 2019


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