Galbraith Offers a Poor Defense of MMT

“The rise of MMT on the political left will no doubt continue. It is politically expedient. It provides a justification for spending. Political expediency does not imply theoretical soundness, however. And defenses along the lines offered by Galbraith do little to assuage very real concerns.” ~ Nicolás Cachanosky

– January 16, 2021

From the Land of Financial Bubbles

“For the aspiring startup today, perhaps working away in the venture-cap lands of overpriced unicorns, the history of bubble allegations teaches you one thing: be right or be a bubble. Until the dust has settled, nobody can really tell.” ~ Joakim Book

– January 16, 2021

Pandemic Security Theater

“After ten months of lockdowns and shocking degrees of economic and social carnage, millions of Americans have decided that there surely must be some rationale for all the insanity and have signed on to become enforcers themselves, even and perhaps especially when the rules make no sense at all.” ~ James Bovard

– January 15, 2021

The Physics Behind Freedom

“Bejan’s book shows that freedom is actually scientifically good for society. It truly is a groundbreaking fusion of physics and economics. In his case, he sees things through the lens of energy movement and evolution, the literal workings of the universe. Economists call prosperity the result of free people and free markets. He calls it a force of nature.” ~ Ethan Yang

– January 15, 2021

Shifting Political Views and Covid Concerns Pull Down Consumer Sentiment

“Consumer sentiment fell in early January, driven largely by ideology. Combined with renewed restrictions and weakening economic activity, the outlook remains highly uncertain.” – Robert Hughes

– January 15, 2021

Manufacturing Output Rose in December But Remains Below Pre-pandemic Levels

“Manufacturing continued to recover in December despite reinstated government restrictions.” – Robert Hughes

– January 15, 2021

First Goes Law, Then Goes Democracy

“If this agenda is indeed to be forced on us by ruse, via the exploitation of a pandemic, one must wonder if its masterminds are remotely trustworthy. Why can’t they openly explain their intentions, if they are so wonderful? Today, they implement a covert replacement for the rule of law, one that subverts our will to theirs with no right of appeal. Tomorrow, they replace democracy.” ~ Stacey Rudin

– January 15, 2021

Retail Sales Decline for a Third Consecutive Month

“Retail sales fell in December as reactionary government policies delay economic recovery.” – Robert Hughes

– January 15, 2021

Monetary Rules have been Interpreted to Justify the Status Quo

“I can only imagine that those in charge of monetary policy, following Woodford and the precedent set by Bernanke, see stable implementation of a fixed monetary rule as being an antiquated idea, obviously inferior to their more flexible interpretation of rule-based policy. Their perspective, now widely shared among monetary theorists and policymakers, risks leaving us sleepwalking toward a state of fiscal insolvency.” ~ James L. Caton

– January 15, 2021

In the Midst of Covid-19, Pakistan Continues Its Fight Against Polio

“The nation’s health authorities have realized that Covid-19 mitigation is only one component of holistic public health practices. Public health must take all epidemiological factors into account. Tunnel vision only serves to create new kinds of misery, scrapping hard-earned progress.” ~ Fiona Harrigan

– January 15, 2021

Enterprise Perseveres Through the Crisis

“Though many of them are doing so in the shadows, there are entrepreneurs everywhere who are setting to work to solve the most pressing problems of our present and our future. The businesses those innovators introduce to the world will be all the more significant for the hurdles they surpassed.” ~ Peter C. Earle & Fiona Harrigan

– January 14, 2021

Initial Claims for Unemployment Benefits Surge to 965,000

“Initial claims for unemployment benefits jumped in the latest week and remain high as renewed government restrictions continue to threaten the recovery.” – Robert Hughes

– January 14, 2021

A Pandemic Reading List for Left, Right, and Libertarians

“Pandemic responses will continue to serve as a convenient rationale for government interventions in the future. Anyone who has a concern for human liberty and prosperity should armed with intellectual ammunition to combat this huge increase in government power. We need more than ideological instincts here; to fully understand, we need to be aware of the sciences of infectious disease and the discipline of public health.” ~ Jeffrey A. Tucker

– January 14, 2021


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