Tax Increases Cannot Pay for the Democrats’ Reconciliation Bill

“During the pandemic, Congress passed multiple trillion-dollar bills to help keep the economy afloat. With the economy recovering, America does not need another one.” ~ Travis Nix

– September 19, 2021

Opportunity Costs and the Economic Impact Report: They Didn’t See That Coming

“Good reporting helps people because they intuitively understand cost overruns are bad. What would also help people are more council members and commissioners who know to ask about what is not seen: opportunity costs.” ~ Jon Sanders

– September 19, 2021

The Inevitable Failure of Socialism

“As Mises summarized the fate of a fully socialized economy, ‘As soon as one gives up the conception of a freely established monetary price for goods of a higher order, rational production becomes completely impossible.'” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux

– September 18, 2021

Treason and Its Misprision

“All Americans had better tell POTUS or a judge right quick that they may have witnessed treason during the Afghanistan debacle or we may all need amnesty for misprision of treason!” ~ Robert E. Wright

– September 18, 2021

The Logic of Civic Irresponsibility and the War on Terror

“Perhaps Coyne and Hall’s book is a step in the social learning necessary to take a step back from policies that have made us poorer and less secure by educating our elites and the public.” ~ Todd Myers

– September 18, 2021

Angry about Unspent K-12 Education Funds? Support ESAs.

“If you’re angry about these ludicrous spending bills, the time to demand another option is now, and it all starts with schools. We’re in a mess, but ESAs could help guide us out.” ~ Garion Frankel

– September 17, 2021

Consumer Sentiment Improved Slightly but Remained Low in Early September

“Consumer sentiment remained weak in early September as consumers react to the one-two punch of elevated numbers of new Covid cases and rising prices for many consumer goods. The survey results suggest economic conditions in the second half of 2021 could be disappointing.” – Robert Hughes

– September 17, 2021

The Tragedy of 9/11 and the Afghan Debacle

“Be prepared. Liberty will remain something to discount and whittle away in the name of ‘keeping America safe.’ And the high financial cost of playing global policeman will not diminish any time in the foreseeable future.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling

– September 17, 2021

And Secure the Blessings of Liberty

“The government should protect Americans’ lives, liberty and property from foes foreign and domestic, and no more.” ~ Robert E. Wright

– September 17, 2021

Constituting Constitutional Economics

“As Smith himself put it: ‘Little else is requisite to carry a state to the highest degree of opulence from the lowest barbarism but peace, easy taxes, and a tolerable administration of justice.'” ~ Alexander William Salter

– September 17, 2021


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