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Tariffs are Unwelcome Taxes on American Businesses and Consumers

Edward P. Stringham on BBC's "Talking Business" — Jan. 18, 2019  
Edward Peter Stringham- Jan 19, 2019

Manufacturing Output Surged, Boosting Utilization to a 4-Year High

Industrial production rose 0.3 percent in December, following a 0.4 percent gain in November. Over the past year, industrial production is up 4.0 percent. Total capacity utilization...
Robert Hughes- Jan 18, 2019

Why A Carbon Tax Won’t Work in the Real World

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, a group of distinguished economists including four former chairs of the Federal Reserve and 27 Nobel laureates issued a call to adopt a revenue-...
Phillip W. Magness- Jan 18, 2019

The Blockchain Movement Is Dead, Long Live the Blockchain Industry

“This is by no means a funeral,” said Moe Levin in his remarks that opened the 2019 North American Bitcoin Conference that he organized. He had no choice but to acknowledge the atmosphere...
Max Gulker- Jan 18, 2019

In Praise of Carbon Fuels

Here’s a letter to the Wall Street Journal, which originally appeared on Cafe Hayek: Editor: The roster of economists who signed the letter calling for a steadily increasing revenue-...
Donald J. Boudreaux- Jan 17, 2019

January Business Conditions Monthly

AIER’s Business Cycle Conditions Leading Indicators index fell 21 points to 58 in December. The Roughly Coincident Indicators index held at 100 while the Lagging Indicators index gained 16...
Robert Hughes- Jan 17, 2019


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