How Many People Must Die to Fix the Planet?

Scholars claiming the mantle of scientific expertise have enlisted apocalyptic fears of a coming “population crisis” to advance sweeping programs of social engineering as a way to alter the course.

Phillip W. Magness – November 18, 2019

The Most Important Concept Mises Taught Me

Key among the basic concepts of Austrian economics (a term that Mises rarely used; he preferred just “economics” or more broadly, “praxeology”) is the concept of methodological individualism.  This has been the most important of Mises’ basic conce …

– November 18, 2019

The Unbearable Drabness of Command Economies

In command economies, you get what you get and you hope that it fits.

– November 18, 2019

Suffixing Industrial Policy with “2.0” Doesn’t Make It Credible

When and to the extent that trade and markets are free, Americans benefit from innovation no matter where it occurs.

– November 18, 2019

The Soul of Economics Is the Market Process

The process of economic change is about how economic actors invest to alleviate the constraints they face by reducing transaction costs in order to grow richer.

– November 18, 2019

The State Is Not Your Proxy

Leave aside every other problem of socialism (such as how it can rationally manage an economic process or achieve perfect material equality), and you are still left with the massive problem of power.

– November 16, 2019

It’s a Disservice to Urge Young People To Become Entrepreneurs

The legend of the twenty-something business wunderkind is everywhere in pop culture. Here’s the problem. The data are in. It turns out that the whole thing is a gigantic myth.

– November 15, 2019
Retail sales

Retail Spending Suggests Caution

Core retail sales were weak in October adding to concern about the economy. However, continued economic expansion remains the most likely path.

– November 15, 2019

The Great Lesson of Vision Fund

A central plan is not a business plan. Even a private sector central plan is doomed to fail.

– November 15, 2019

Actually, We Could Just Flip the Switch

Such a law would ensure that every regulation was scrutinized at least once every twenty years and automatically eliminate all those that no agency thought important enough to subject to review.

– November 15, 2019
Business Conditions Monthly

November Business Conditions Monthly

AIER’s Leading Indicators index held steady in October, remaining slightly above neutral. Slow growth continues as economy remains vulnerable.

– November 14, 2019

The Times’s Editorial Page Lies with Statistics

When debating tax policy it is important to use empirical evidence to inform the discussion of what rates the top earners currently pay and what rates we would like them to pay, or if a rate change is even warranted at all.

– November 14, 2019

There Need Not Be a Great Confrontation with China

American businesses plainly see in China what the chattering classes don’t.

– November 14, 2019


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