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Business Conditions Monthly February 2024

“Amidst mixed economic data reminiscent of most of the past two years, there are pockets of strength which are nevertheless overshadowed by inflation concerns and speculation regarding monetary policy actions in the coming quarter or two.” ~Peter C. Earle

Elon’s X Marks the Spot in Brazil

“Brazil is facing its greatest struggle for freedom of speech since the end of the military regime… Freedom of speech has been effectively limited without due process, and contrary to the Constitution.” ~Ricardo Gomes

Why Haven’t We Whipped inflation Yet?

“The best we can do is recalibrate models when we get new data. But that’s like driving the car while looking out the rearview window…hardly ideal for knowing how to adjust your steering.” ~Alexander W. Salter

Nippon Acquisition of US Steel 

“Despite its shrunken condition, the Japanese suitor looks to infuse new life into this former behemoth with an infusion of cash, technology, and vision. Blocking this acquisition will result in losses to shareholders, workers, and our economy.” ~Joel Griffith

ESG Puppeteers

“Climate financiers are not capitalists. They are corporatists who think the government should direct private industry. They want to work with government officials to benefit themselves and hamstring their competition.” ~ Paul Mueller

The Colorblind Counterattack

“How on earth could the ideas of Frederick Douglass and MLK find themselves labeled ‘white supremacist’? Two authors have shaken off the shellshock, and now stand ready to fight back.” ~GianCarlo Canaparo

The Justice of an All-Volunteer Military

“A person who voluntarily enlists in the military obviously believes that that employment option is the best one for him or her. In exchange for his or her performance of military duties, that soldier or sailor is paid.” ~Donald J. Boudreaux

Inflation We Can Feel But Don’t Measure

“Regardless of whether one thinks that the CPI should include interest rates and/or asset prices, it seems clear that consumers factor in these costs when evaluating the cost of living.” ~Joshua R. Hendrickson