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In Praise of Carbon Fuels

Here’s a letter to the Wall Street Journal, which originally appeared on Cafe Hayek: Editor: The roster of economists who signed the letter calling for a steadily increasing revenue-...
Donald J. Boudreaux- Jan 17, 2019

January Business Conditions Monthly

AIER’s Business Cycle Conditions Leading Indicators index fell 21 points to 58 in December. The Roughly Coincident Indicators index held at 100 while the Lagging Indicators index gained 16...
Robert Hughes- Jan 17, 2019

Bitcoin and Illegal Activity

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have a bad reputation. A recent CNN article titled “How Mexican Cartels Use Chinese Crypto Brokers to Launder Drug Money” notes that Bitcoin is being...
Gerald P. Dwyer- Jan 17, 2019

Targeted Tax Incentives: Perverse and Ineffective

State and local governments use targeted tax incentives in an attempt to create jobs and stimulate economic growth. Targeted tax incentives include job-development and retraining tax...
Peter T. Calcagno- Jan 17, 2019

How the Shutdown Has Affected Tariff Exemptions

You’re a small manufacturer and one of your key inputs is aluminum. You face a huge tariff, thanks to current US policy. You likely meet the conditions for an exemption and have even...
Micha Gartz- Jan 16, 2019

What a Real “Libertarian Experiment” Looks Like

In labeling the current government shutdown as a “big libertarian experiment,” economist Paul Krugman has adopted what I’ll call the Left Behind theory of libertarianism. Like the rapture...
Max Gulker- Jan 15, 2019


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