For Many Churches, It Is Too Late

“With all the carnage from these various “stringencies” designed to control the mostly uncontrollable, why focus on the tribulations of religious institutions? The history of liberty began with the idea of religious freedom. The realization that no great calamity would befall society if people were allowed to worship as they pleased then gave rise to all the other freedoms we took for granted until recently. It makes sense, then, that the long road to recovering our rights would begin here.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker

– December 1, 2020

ISM Manufacturing Survey Stayed Strong in November

“The ISM Manufacturing survey suggests continuing recovery from government lockdowns, though reconfigured factories, shutdowns to sanitize, and labor difficulties are challenges.” – Robert Hughes

– December 1, 2020

The Censorship of Dr. Briand

“The main problem with all of this goes far beyond Dr. Briand’s research. This is all representative of an unproductive orthodoxy that exists around Covid-19. An orthodoxy that has a set view on how to think and how to respond to the virus.” ~ Ethan Yang

– December 1, 2020

Communities in the Pandemic

“Are local communities self-organizing because politics is being unduly constrained, limited in its spending capacity, and disempowered, or are they self-organizing because, in spite of consuming more than a third of GDP (in England), governments are simply lacking the flexibility and the responsiveness to deal with people’s demands, particularly when they are new and when they are changing?” ~ Alberto Mingardi

– December 1, 2020

A Year of Backsliding in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS

“Rather than celebrating the progress made against this devastating, incurable disease, this year’s World AIDS Day is marked with a note of mourning. Lockdowns may shelter people from Covid-19, but no matter how well-intended they are, their burden inevitably falls on the most vulnerable. Only time will reveal how deadly these disruptions have been to the world’s HIV-positive population––but the prognosis is bleak.” ~ Fiona Harrigan

– December 1, 2020

Value Is What I Say It Is

“The disdain for private commerce pours through the pages of The Deficit Myth, but never so much so as when Kelton imagines the transition for a newly unemployed worker. Rather than ‘sort boxes at a private retailer,’ she says, the worker in her scheme will ‘perform a useful job in public service.’ Everything that’s wrong with the (left’s) modern overhaul of value theory is included in that sentence.” ~ Joakim Book

– November 30, 2020

What’s Wrong With Communism?

“Lenin famously said ‘you can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs.’ Alas, communist experiments have come and gone. They have left us with no omelets, only millions and millions of broken eggs.” ~ Art Carden

– November 30, 2020

Covid Misclassification: What Do the Data Suggest?

“Even during the April peak, excess deaths from dementia were greater than excess deaths from all respiratory disease. This is very difficult to explain by any hypothesis other than death by lockdown.” ~ Gilbert Berdine

– November 30, 2020

Viruses, Lockdowns, and Biomic Learning

“The best testimony to the success of these mutual learning processes is not only the amazing story of Taiwan. It is our very presence on the planet today, some 8 billion learning systems strong, distributed as widely as human minds and interacting everywhere to ensure the survival of learning and growth.” ~ George Gilder

– November 29, 2020

We Have Immune Systems, New York Times Reveals

“This is something my mother knows. She taught it to me. Her mother taught it to her. They were all taught it in school. The knowledge has not been deprecated. It just strangely evaporated. Or perhaps censored. I don’t know. I do know this article is a welcome relief from the poppycock of mysophobia that has taken over the public square.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker

– November 29, 2020

The Value is In the Ideas

“Which desk and lamp recipes ‘win?’ It’s not the ones that require the most labor or the most savings. In the long run, it might not even be the ones that capture the imaginations of design aficionados. The winning recipes are the ones that get enough ‘votes’ in the form of the dollars people spend.” ~ Art Carden

– November 29, 2020

What the Hasidim Tell Us About Being Americans

“It is the philosophy of human rights and liberty applied consistently and equally to all that makes America America. If it takes Hasidim, who live according to ancient Biblical and Rabbinic law and 18th century Eastern European customs and fashion, and who may choose to ignore even the best scientific advice, the better to pursue their own happiness, to remind us of this, well, more power to them. L’Haim, to life!” ~ Mitchell Heller

– November 28, 2020

Blinded by a Blizzard of Data

“What’s important is that we address each risk with commensurate care. That the media has consistently reported on Covid without appropriate context suggests that historians will look back on 2020 less for its outbreak of Covid than for its outbreak of hysteria.” ~ Antony Davies & James R. Harrigan

– November 28, 2020


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