Services-Sector Activity Accelerated in November

“Services-sector survey suggests expansion continued in November, and respondents were generally optimistic. However, the outlook for the economy remains highly uncertain.” ~ Robert Hughes

– December 5, 2022

Unit Auto Sales Fell in November

“Light-vehicle sales fell in November following a rise in inventory and drop in prices in October.” ~ Robert Hughes

– December 5, 2022

Crypto Bad!

“When people say crypto bad, we have first to ask: what specific aspect of the cryptocurrency industry are you talking about? Then the follow-up question must always be: compared to what?” ~ Max Borders

– December 5, 2022

The Malthusian Contradiction

“The truth is that it’s humans who create resources in the first place. When Malthusians point to explosive population growth, they think they are identifying a problem. They are actually identifying the solution.” ~ Antony Davies

– December 5, 2022

Crypto Needs Less Regulation, Not More

“Pushing excessive regulations on the crypto industry is likely to make crypto more risky, not less. Decentralized protocols built on the blockchain are already safer and more transparent than most regulated financial companies.” ~ Thomas L. Hogan

– December 5, 2022

Real Progressives Would Support Bitcoin and the Crypto Economy, Not Regulate It Away

“Using the failures and crimes of politically connected crypto-exchanges like FTX to effectively chill innovation in this sector and regulate it away would deprive many Americans of new economic technology that could change lives for the better.” ~ Yaël Ossowski

– December 4, 2022

Why Business Should Dispense with ESG

“It is not a stretch to imagine how executives could appeal to their higher ESG responsibilities to justify lower returns to investors. Nor is it hard to see companies using these broad ESG commitments to curry favor with political leaders who prioritize specific causes.” ~ Samuel Gregg

– December 4, 2022

Professors Are Not “Priests of Democracy”

“If we ascribe qualities like academic freedom, free speech, opposition to censorship, and skepticism of government to American democracy, as Walker does, then we should avoid putting academia on a pedestal it does not deserve.” ~ Garion Frankel

– December 3, 2022

American Health Care Consumers Should Have Access to Drugs and Devices Benefitting People in Developed Countries

“If members of the incoming Congress are serious about increasing access to health care and reducing health care costs, they should, at a minimum, pass a law that allows for drug and device ‘reciprocity’ with other developed nations.” ~ Jeffrey A. Singer

– December 3, 2022

Payroll Gains Beat Expectations, but the Pace Is Slowing

“Payrolls gains beat expectations in November, but the pace appears to be slowing. Mixed signs for the labor market, sustained price pressures, and an aggressive Fed tightening cycle remain risks to the outlook.” ~ Robert Hughes

– December 2, 2022


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