“No, Sarah, Our Prosperity Wasn’t Extracted from Slaves”

“A key purpose of my intro econ course is to help my students understand how peaceful, commercial cooperation emerges to create and maintain our astonishing material prosperity.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux

– October 2, 2022

Frédéric Bastiat: The Jonathan Swift of Economics

“Bastiat’s collection of essays is a worthy addition to the pantheon of immortal economic satire, rightfully taking its place alongside Swift’s own Modest Proposal.” ~ Caleb S. Fuller

– October 2, 2022


“Most public universities have become ancillary components of the federal government. This explains, in part, the complete takeover and increasing bureaucratization of the modern research university, public or private.” ~ Daniel Asia

– October 1, 2022

‘Free-Market Environmentalism’ Is Working in Montana

“This is free-market environmentalism at work, aligning incentives in such a way as to make conservation and wildlife tolerance a good business decision rather than a burden for local landowners.” ~ Dan Mahoney

– October 1, 2022

Consumer Sentiment Remained Weak in September

“Consumer sentiment was essentially unchanged in September and remains at recessionary levels. Inflation expectations fell to a 12-month low, but consumer uncertainty about the outlook remains elevated.” ~ Robert Hughes

– September 30, 2022

To Defend Liberty, Cultivate Your Inner Freedom

“Most will never appreciate liberty until it is lost. Do we value liberty? Are we willing to examine and shed faulty habits of mind? Until we do, as Montaigne put it, ‘No wind makes for him who has no destined port.'” ~ Barry Brownstein

– September 30, 2022

“Climate-Smart” Agriculture Incentives — Not-So-Smart Results

“Scientists can’t even measure the climate-efficacy of the program, yet everyone is agreeing to go along with it because it feels about right—especially, no doubt, within the departments that are getting bigger budgets and amongst the farmers they are paying to sustain a bucolic lifestyle.” ~ Paul Schwennesen

– September 30, 2022

Smith to Entrepreneurs: Go Forth With Prudence

“We find in Smith both condemnation of imprudent projectors and endorsement of prudent entrepreneurs. Although projectors occasionally turn a profit, it comes at the risk of squandering resources and missing out on more sober opportunities.” ~ Kacey Reeves West

– September 30, 2022

Labor Market Remains Tight as Initial Claims Fall Again

“Declining weekly initial claims suggest the labor market remains solid. However, persistently elevated rates of price increases and aggressive Fed tightening remain major risks for the economic outlook.” ~ Robert Hughes

– September 29, 2022

Made to be Broken?

“Understanding just how and when institutions matter requires an appreciation for imperfections in governance, the socially constructed nature of rules, and the unique knowledge and motivations of entrepreneurial actors.” ~ Caleb S. Fuller

– September 29, 2022


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