The Economics of Hitchhiking

If you pay attention, you’ll notice a lot of things that “economists in their studies” may not be able to imagine. But they exist. Because people are really good at finding ways to cooperate.

– October 21, 2019

The Three Biggest Myths about Political Economy

Although such myths will never be completely slain, their baneful impacts can be reduced by sound and unrelenting economic education and public commentary.

– October 21, 2019

All I Want for Christmas Is a Forged Passport

If we are serious about helping people escape extreme poverty, it’s time we look into getting people from where their labor has lower value to where their labor has higher value.

– October 21, 2019

Marx vs. Mises Video: Text and Commentary

Here you will find the full English text of the now-famous film, complete with explanatory videos with interviews from experts.

– October 18, 2019

Medicare-For-All Is a Plot to Pillage You

We still have no clue just who will pay for what and how much the bill will be.

– October 18, 2019
Housing starts

Manufacturing Slides Further While Housing Stabilizes

Single-family home construction picked up in September while an auto-production strike weighed on an already weak manufacturing sector. Erratic policy and elevated uncertainty continue to restrain activity and keep the economy vulnerable.

– October 17, 2019

The Limits to Hostile Takeovers

Capitalism, especially seen as a system conducive to hostile takeovers, does not need saving.

– October 17, 2019
Economic risks rising

October Business Conditions Monthly

AIER’s Leading Indicators index fell in September but remains slightly above neutral. Risks to the economy are rising.

– October 17, 2019

I Scoot

You are likely to see a lot more old people, and people dressed in business attire, using scooters soon. The advantages of fast and nearly free mobility in center cities are just too great to pass up.

– October 17, 2019

The Big Fib about the Rich and Taxes

The primary driver of Saez and Zucman’s claims about the tax rates on the wealthy do not reflect a regressive shift over time. They arise almost entirely out of unconventional and contested adjustments to their previous numbers.

– October 17, 2019

Consumers Restrain Spending in September

Retail sales were weak in September raising concern about the strength of the economy. However, continued economic expansion remains the most likely path.

– October 16, 2019


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