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New Hampshire’s Lesson for America

“an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure: Never give government tools it will be tempted to abuse in the first place.

The Monroe Doctrine Turns 200

“The Monroe Doctrine sought to express the consensus of American sentiment about its view of its place in the world. Americans wanted to limit involvement with the politics and factious belligerence of Europe.” ~Will Sellers

Is China America’s Biggest Threat? 

“Now is not the time to allocate excessive resources to confront external foes, but to address the fundamental issue plaguing us: a government that refuses to rein in spending of taxpayer money.” ~Vance Ginn

Defending Globalization

“Only because people are eager to trade with people in different countries do governments feel the need to suppress this trade…Persons who erect these restraints understand that what they impose is not globalization – that would arise naturally – but economic nationalism.” ~Donald J. Boudreaux

Epic Games Sues Google Play: Scared of Competition 

“Google’s conduct does not prevent an innovator from making its own spot. Epic chooses to squander resources on legal actions, rather than developing better products for both vendors and consumers.” ~Peter Clark