4th Quarter 2022 GDP Shows Growth, but Deteriorating Fundamentals

“The US economy grew in the 4th quarter of 2022, but caution is warranted. Money supply growth has turned negative, consumer and business confidence are in decline, and economic fundamentals are softening broadly.” ~ Peter C. Earle

– January 27, 2023

How Two Corn Cobs Upended A Foreign Aid Model in Zimbabwe

“It may not be the silver bullet to defeat food insecurity across Africa, but it shows that solutions to thorny problems can start with something as simple as two corn cobs, rather than expensive approaches that result in lifelong dependency on other nations.” ~ Craig J. Richardson

– January 27, 2023

But Who Will Build the Roads: A Parable

“Maybe, others one day will join the call once they hear how much cash could be recouped and costs and delays avoided by returning to the path once heavily traveled, the one where travelers, not Leviathan, decide how best to travel hither and thither.” ~ Robert E. Wright

– January 27, 2023

What Accounts for All This Stuff?

“For anyone who is aware of the indescribable complexity and enormous productivity of the global market economy, nothing does more to drain credibility from capitalism’s critics than these critics’ apparent ignorance of this complexity and productivity.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux

– January 26, 2023

Obstacles to Freedom Can Be the Way to Freedom

“If we set our purpose to learn from obstacles, today, there is no better opportunity to choose freedom over violence. Thankfully, Read, Aurelius, and Emerson point the way; the more significant the obstacles, the greater the potential change.” ~ Barry Brownstein

– January 26, 2023

Rising Use of the Fed’s Discount Window Raises Questions

“The fact that the amounts being borrowed at the discount window are rising in an oscillatory fashion with progressively higher ‘highs’ and higher ‘lows’ hints, while not conclusively, that the amounts being borrowed are increasing as the Fed increases rates.” ~ Peter C. Earle

– January 25, 2023

Davos and the Holy Grail of Equity

“At what point will their good intentions lead to tyranny? Did we learn nothing from the pandemic, when government overreach led to economic, health, and educational disasters?” ~ Caroline Breashears

– January 25, 2023

A Dispatch From the Corporatized Dystopia: Bring on the Chains!

“If there’s still money to be made, consumers are voting for more, and it is not my prerogative, nor yours, or Bernie Sanders’, or anyone else’s to suppress those votes.” ~ Art Carden

– January 24, 2023

Letting Chinese Nationals Buy Real Estate is a Human Rights Issue

“The inability to seize some of the wealth of a small minority of Chinese people makes the world a slightly better place than it otherwise would be.” Vincent Geloso

– January 24, 2023

Enrollment Declines Increase Pressure on ‘Woke’ Higher Ed

“Lower enrollment and tuition dollars will force university leaders to make tough decisions on what they value the most. Will they roll back DEI offerings, or will funding toward research and education see the effects?” ~ David Waugh

– January 23, 2023


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