Graduates, Be Skeptical of Those in Power

The truth is that even the best-intentioned government officials do not — indeed, cannot possibly — have the knowledge necessary to deliver on any grand promises.
Veronique de Rugy- May 25, 2019

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Durable-Goods Orders Appear to be Plateauing

New orders for durable goods decreased 2.1 percent in April, led by a 5.9 percent fall in transportation equipment. Over the past year, orders are up just 0.2 percent to $248.4 billion,...
Robert Hughes- May 24, 2019

When will Federal Debt Become THE Question?

It was getting late and the group, which had gathered to hear and discuss my presentation on America’s economic outlook over dinner, was ready to head home. Among other topics, I had...
Bruce Yandle- May 24, 2019

Design Regulations Helped Ruin American Cars

A 1962 Studebaker Avanti car at The Henry Ford (THF) Motor Muster, held at Greenfield Village Your car looks like a box. So does every other car. It’s boring, even shocking when you...
Jeffrey A. Tucker- May 24, 2019

Indiana Lawmaker Ignores Facts, Pushes Bill to Fight Teen Vaping

Just like tax hikes, which don’t curb cigarette consumption, laws forbidding teens from buying tobacco products don’t work. Despite that fact, Indiana lawmakers are pushing a new bill...
Chloe Anagnos- May 24, 2019

Housing Outlook Remains Weak While Labor Market Stays Strong

Sales of new single-family homes fell 6.9 percent in April to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 673,000, down from a multiyear high of 723,000 in March. Sales had posted three monthly...
Robert Hughes- May 23, 2019

Spring Cleaning for the Regulatory State

Spring is in full blossom, and many of us are in the midst of our annual house-cleaning ritual. A regular deep clean makes good sense because it makes our living spaces more orderly and...
Adam Thierer- May 23, 2019

Everything You Have Is Worthless

I had this precious antique toaster, a gift to my grandmother on her wedding day. Maybe it came from the 1930s. So charming. It even worked! I held on to it for many years, dragging it...
Jeffrey A. Tucker- May 23, 2019

Marriott Finally Realizes That Competing With Airbnb Beats Lobbying Against It

The hotel lobby is at least partially responsible for the pushback Airbnb received in several states in the recent past. But despite the hospitality industry’s continuous push to destroy...
Chloe Anagnos- May 23, 2019

How Top-Down Government Fails America’s Poor

A well-functioning society should provide a safety net for its members struggling the most. The unavoidable role of luck in market outcomes, the variability of circumstances in which...
Max Gulker- May 22, 2019


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