If the Government Doesn’t Do It, Who Will?

– April 9, 2020

Governments have been providing fire protection, police services, roads, and other public services for pretty much our entire lives. Private, volunteer companies were getting the job done — until political entrepreneurs noticed a way to obtain power and resources for themselves by taking over previously-private volunteer fire departments to create patronage jobs for political allies.


A Path Toward Getting Rid of Social Security

– December 20, 2019

No, UBA for liberty isn’t another fun holiday idea, it is a call to consider a Universal Basic Asset (UBA) program designed to protect Americans’ liberty and transition away from Social Security. It is nice to see classical liberal thinkers like Mike M …


How to Claim a Paid-Leave Victory That Isn’t

– April 23, 2019

In the debate over creating a new federal paid-leave program, conservatives think they have found the ultimate free lunch.

cost of living calculator

Social Security Cost of Living Adjustment Likely Largest Since 2011

– October 10, 2017

With inflation ticking upward in 2017, retirees are likely to see the largest cost-of-living adjustment in their Social Security benefits since 2011.


Cost-of-Living Adjustment Likely to Be Small

– September 18, 2017

Retirees are likely to see a positive but very small cost-of-living adjustment in their Social Security benefits next year.


Reforming Social Security

– April 4, 2016

Since its enactment in 1935, Social Security has become an important feature of the retirement landscape for all Americans. But its finances are in need of repair. Despite the significant taxes already paid into the Social Security system, future benefit payments are expected to both outrun future tax revenues and consume any accumulated surplus (Chart 1). 


Social Security: Straightening Out Misconceptions

– January 12, 2016

We are all reasonably familiar with the idea of Social Security: You pay money in while you’re working and you get something back when you’re retired. But the system is complex, and even the most basic rules are misunderstood by a large segment of the population.


Expect No Cost-of-Living Adjustment to Social Security in 2016

– October 6, 2015

The annual cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) will be announced on Oct. 15, when the last data required to compute it becomes available. But the data already suggest that prices have fallen over the past 12 months, removing the need for an adjustment. If prices have fallen but the COLA is zero, the purchasing power of Social Security benefits would increase.


Seven Common Myths About Social Security

– July 27, 2015

Deciding when to apply for Social Security benefits is one of the most important (and most daunting) decisions a person will make in their life.  With the release of the Social Security Administration’s Trustee’s report last week, it’s only appropriate to examine seven commonly held myths about this complex government program:  


Central Banks Race to BUY Gold At Record Pace

– August 21, 2012

This must be more evidence of Bernanke’s “tradition.” The Olympics may be over, but central banks around the world have begun a race to buy gold and are doing so at the highest level in decades. The World Gold Council recently announced that central ba …


Ryan: Boon or Bane for U.S. Dollar?

– August 17, 2012

Good news: Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan may put the focus of the presidential campaign on the sustainability of the U.S. budget. Bad news: Ryan’s plan delivers some tough medicine.


Social Security: The Long View

– July 9, 2012

Economic Bulletin Since 1935, AIER has spotted flaws in the program. A quick look at 77 years of commentary. by AIER Staff