The Use of Knowledge in a Pandemic

– August 4, 2020

“As Hayek reminded us, ‘We need decentralization because only thus can we ensure that the knowledge of the particular circumstances of time and place will be promptly used’ (p. 524). We’ve been here before. You are more of an expert than you might think.” ~ Jonathan Newman & Anthony Gill


William Harold Hutt: A Birthday Appreciation

– August 3, 2020

“Hutt was a complex thinker in a difficult time who worked to split the difference between the best world we can imagine and the best world that is feasible subject to the constraints we face in the world we actually inhabit. As Ludwig von Mises put it, “Professor Hutt’s rank among the outstanding economists of our age is not contested by any competent critic.” May his contributions endure in our age and in ages to come.” ~ Art Carden


So-Called Stablecoins

– August 2, 2020

“Regular consumers are slowly becoming more interested in financial privacy. But they shouldn’t have to rely on systems that ignore the law. A more durable solution is to work towards changing those laws.” ~ J.P. Koning

fauci white house

Should Dr. Fauci Be the Economic Czar?

– July 30, 2020

“Much like how the response to COVID-19 requires understanding and input from a variety of perspectives, the same goes for economic policy. Dr. Fauci and public health experts like him have more than a right to voice their opinions on the economy. Whether or not we should take them seriously is another question entirely.” ~ Ethan Yang

beware of everything

Evolutionary Failure: When Mass Psychology is like a Negative Technology Shock

– July 30, 2020

“This general acceptance of a fear of others that separates us from each other exacerbates all our worst proclivities and maximizes the economic destruction of the pandemic. We need to return to a robust market to preserve the division of labor. Perhaps you think this is an exaggeration, and we hope you are right, but we also hope you will join us in asking for some moderation in the panic around the new virus.” Diana & Michael Thomas


Peter T. Leeson: A Birthday Appreciation

– July 29, 2020

“Peter T. Leeson is well-positioned to continue making important and creative contributions to our beloved dismal science. His message–that free and creative people have a good track record of solving problems without anyone forcing anyone else to do anything–is as timely now as it was when he was just getting started–but I can’t really imagine a time when it won’t be.” ~ Art Carden