The Tide-Theory of Climate Change

– October 28, 2020

“Adaptation matters. Economic growth matters. Feats of engineering most certainly matter, as do flexibility and ingenuity of unregulated markets. Everyone from serious climate researchers to less-serious climate activists seem to forget that.” ~ Joakim Book

greta thunberg

What Greta Thunberg Forgets About Climate Change

– July 12, 2020

“Perhaps Greta’s message for politicians to listen to the scientists and take real action has hit home. In one sense, they are already well on the way to following her advice. They read chapter 10 of IPCC’s AR5 report, where they learned that climate change is important – but that other socioeconomic developments matter much more.” ~ Joakim Book


The Environmentalist’s Dream Came True

– June 9, 2020

“The environmentalists had a field day during the corona pandemic. The anti-human policies they have called for, protested for, disrupted societies and other people’s lives for, were suddenly implemented en masse, albeit on a temporary basis. Think of it as a trial for green policies.” ~ Joakim Book


The Unacknowledged Logic of Radical Environmentalism

– May 20, 2020

A common fantasy is that the internet would survive and keep us all together but is exactly that – a total fantasy. Already the internet produces as much carbon emissions as the airline industry.


Brazilians Should Keep Slashing Their Rainforest

– March 27, 2020

Everyone wants to preserve nature – but that nobody wants to do it at the expense of their children going cold or hungry. For quite a lot of the world’s remaining poor, planting trees isn’t their main priority – and shouldn’t be.


Europe’s Green Deal Flirts With Central-Planning Disaster

– December 10, 2019

The European Union is radically overhauling its economy in an attempt to combat climate change. Europe’s Green Deal appears slightly more modest than the proposed Green New Deal in the United States, but cost estimates still run as high as $13 trillion …


Institutions Matter More than Climate Change

– November 29, 2019

In the last weeks, the topic of Venice’s floods has been heavily discussed in the media. This is part because it has been argued by some that it represents a vivid illustration of the problem posed by climate change.  As such, the occasion has bee …


An Unexpected Climate Hero: Equity Markets

– November 29, 2019

The best way to protect vulnerable countries and communities from some of the inevitable impacts of climate change is to up their defenses – i.e., make them rich as quickly as possible.


How Many People Must Die to Fix the Planet?

– November 18, 2019

Scholars claiming the mantle of scientific expertise have enlisted apocalyptic fears of a coming “population crisis” to advance sweeping programs of social engineering as a way to alter the course.


The Real Reason Nobody Takes Environmental Activists Seriously

– November 12, 2019

What angers most people about climate activists is not their goals, but their elaborate system of doublethink, their profound cognitive dissonance, and the truly fascinating ability to rationalize their own behavior.


Impeachment at Home and Climate Hysteria Abroad

– October 1, 2019

Do we need another demonstration that politics is the problem and not the solution to human affairs?

climate change

Economists Wrongly Accused of Ignoring Climate Change

– September 27, 2019

“Precisely because those topics are important that we need to be cautious, not rush in headfirst and add extra layers of government policies.” ~ Vincent Geloso