October 23, 2015 Reading Time: < 1 minute

Thanks to MoneyTalksNews and Yahoo Finance for highlighting AIER’s Employment Destinations Index as part of a recent story on work-life balance.

The story highlighted Glassdoor.com’s list of top 10 jobs for work-life balance. The list was led by data scientist – which should make our data scientist, Theodore Cangero quite happy to hear. Other top jobs were search engine optimization manager, talent acquisition specialist, social media manager and substitute teacher.

The story continued:

“Work-life balance is also easier to come by in some cities compared to others. For example, earlier this year, the independent nonprofit American Institute for Economic Research ranked Washington, D.C., the No. 1 major metropolitan area for work-life balance based on economic and quality-of-life factors that draw younger workers to the city.”

Read the story here.

Aaron Nathans

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