– October 24, 2016

Our forecast for the 2017 Social Security cost-of-living adjustment has received widespread media attention, including this piece in The Wall Street Journal, which quotes our senior research fellow, Max Gulker.

We forecasted with 90 percent confidence that when the increase is announced on Oct. 18, it will be between 0.2 percent and 0.5 percent, the smallest increase on record, although there have been years, including 2016, when there was no increase at all.

On Tuesday, the Social Security Administration reported that the cost-of-living increase next year will be 0.3 percent, well within our forecasted range.

This piece in CNN Money also highlighted our forecast, as did this one in CBS MoneyWatch. And Consumer Reports highlighted the forecast in this piece about Medicare. Other media mentions of the forecast included this column in Reuters, this story in Fox Business, this story The Christian Science Monitor, and this piece written by The Associated Press.

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Aaron Nathans

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