May 29, 2019 Reading Time: 2 minutes

Get ready for round three! It will be the best yet. Its message is crucial for the future of freedom itself. 

The American Institute for Economic Research is underwriting the creation of the third in a series of music videos on the debates between famous economists. This forthcoming one – The March of History – will pit Ludwig von Mises against Karl Marx in a battle over theory, philosophy, and history.

We’ve been quietly working on this project for one year. Now that we are putting all the pieces together, we are happy to publicly announce this for the first time.

You are invited to follow and support the work over the coming months, as we work toward a wonderful release in the Fall of this year.

Here is our crowdfunding page.

Some background on the project:

For a generation of economics students – and many professors too! – the first time they had heard of this guy named F.A. Hayek was through a rap video. The legendary first video, made nearly ten years ago, pitted John Maynard Keynes against Hayek (both dressed impeccably) in a great battle over macroeconomics.

It was a wildly implausible premise. It was both artistically creative and funny. What was most striking was that the lyrics were accurate and fair. It made economics comes to life. Many people chose their major based on this video. To date, it has 6.7 million views.

Two years later, a second one followed. It again earned millions of views, and further inspired a generation to take up economics.

Viewing both today, they hold up as compelling presentations of macro-theory of business cycles. They were shown in classrooms all over the world.

Their creator was John Papola, who is both a serious intellectual and filmmaker. He is the founder of Emergent Order, with whom we have partnered on this project.

AIER has re-engaged Papola to make the third in the series. The characters in this video are Ludwig von Mises (1881-1973) and Karl Marx (1818-1883). Mises was a major critic of Marx, and the theoretician who gave the unanswerable reason why Marxian-style socialism could never work. Marx, meanwhile, has become newly popular on campus. Marxism is a growth industry today.

All over the world today, these two names have been invoked as the symbols of which direction society should go. This is true especially in Brazil, where huge street marches featured the slogan: More Mises, Less Marx.

That the battle lines are drawn in terms of these two thinkers provides dramatic clarity in confusing times.

The video we are putting together with the highest professional standards seeks to present both their views fairly and accurately but in a way that it is entertaining and informative. It will inspire further study and a real dedication to ideas.

The battle for the future is a battle of ideas, above all else. This video can make a gigantic difference.

Go to the IndieGoGo page and make your pledge.  

AIER Staff

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