January 6, 2017 Reading Time: < 1 minute

The top spot in the biggest category of our 2017 College Destinations Index went to San Francisco, which ranked high in diversity, percentage of college-educated residents, mass transportation, and arts and entertainment options.

Our writeup of the city notes that despite San Francisco’s many attractions, it also “presents some challenges for college students. Its proximity to Silicon Valley and prestigious internship opportunities make it an attractive destination. But high rents mean that students are likely to face long commutes or overcrowding. In fact, San Francisco ranks eighth in economic climate, due in large part to such high rents and despite a large concentration of the workforce employed in the innovation economy.”

Still, its natural beauty, and demographic and quality of life advantages “translate to a dynamic urban life that is a magnet for both college students and recent college grads.”

You can read our writeup about San Francisco here, and create your own ranking of best places to live here.

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Aaron Nathans

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