November 2, 2018 Reading Time: 2 minutes

The myth you hear in school is this. The stock market crashed in 1929, then the Great Depression was the result. No one understood why these terrible things were happening! Fortunately, Franklin D. Roosevelt came along. He rejected the free market and gave us a new form of economic management via government power. It saved the country.

It’s 100% nonsense. An amazing book appeared before FDR was elected that explained all economic events, using sound economic logic and evidence. The crash, this book said, was the result of monetary mismanagement by the Federal Reserve and distorted price and interest rate signals.

The book in question is Cause and Control of the Business Cycle. It came out in 1932. The author: Edward C. Harwood, founder of the American Institute for Economic Research. His book was epic, and annoyed John Maynard Keynes to the point that Keynes came after Harwood. In fact, the government came after Harwood for decades following.

The link above is a sign of something wonderful. This book was out of print for decades. It is now back in print. It is the first book of the American Institute for Economic Research to appear in the world’s leading platform for the distribution of literature.

It’s just the beginning. You will hear much more about this publishing program in the coming months and years. AIER will become a leading publisher of pro-freedom books in the world.

That’s for the future. For now, you can buy this book today. Be part of the future and get your copy now.


AIER Staff

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