greta thunberg

What Greta Thunberg Forgets About Climate Change

– July 12, 2020

“Perhaps Greta’s message for politicians to listen to the scientists and take real action has hit home. In one sense, they are already well on the way to following her advice. They read chapter 10 of IPCC’s AR5 report, where they learned that climate change is important – but that other socioeconomic developments matter much more.” ~ Joakim Book


Why Is There No COVID-19 Life Insurance?

– April 7, 2020

The existence of such insurance would help to quell fears by allowing underinsured households the opportunity to protect their incomes.


Beware of Happiness Statistics

– December 23, 2019

A recurrent complaint leveled at economists is that income per capita is not a good measure of welfare. In its most refined forms, the complaint is that gross domestic product (GDP) per capita is a poor indicator of well-being. This is why there have b …


Growth Is Good

– December 12, 2019

In his 2018 book Stubborn Attachments, Tyler Cowen defends a thesis that is likely to be as unpopular as it is misunderstood: over the long run, differences in growth rates swamp just about everything. Therefore, increased economic growth is a moral im …


Why We are Getting More for Less

– November 19, 2019

Thankfully, capitalism is not wrecking the planet. At least that’s the message in a brand-new book with the stunning title More From Less by Andrew McAfee


How Kids Create Wealth By Trading Halloween Candy

– October 30, 2019

The post-Halloween candy market is a commercial society of traders buying low and selling high, and it’s a microcosm of what happens when market exchange works well.