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The Impact of Stabilizing Gas Prices

– May 26, 2015

With the price of gasoline stabilizing, so has AIER’s Everyday Price Index. The index was unchanged in April after it increased 0.8 percent in March.  The broader Consumer Price Index  increased 0.2 percent in April.


Why Eds and Meds Matter in Small Cities

– May 22, 2015

We recently released our rankings of top places to live for young college graduates seeking jobs. Our director of research and education, Rosalind Greenstein, provides some enlightening commentary on the top destinations in this interview with Textbook …


Green Shoots for the Economy

– May 21, 2015

New data out this morning offer continued clues that we are slinking out of the winter economic soft patch.


More Debate Over Those First-Quarter GDP Numbers

– May 20, 2015

Economists at the San Francisco Fed, and the Federal Reserve Board’s own economists, are divided over whether first-quarter economic growth numbers present a true picture of the state of the economy, especially during a period of bad weather.


Taxes Haven’t Changed Much, But Spending Has

– May 19, 2015

When issues of taxes and government budget are discussed, we sometimes hear of the “good old days” when top marginal tax rates and corporate tax rates were much higher. Back then, the federal government was able to fund everything we wanted to fund, like investment in infrastructure and in science and education. Those “good old days” usually reside somewhere in the 1950’s and 1960’s. And today we don’t seem to be able to “fund everything we want to fund.”


Is a ‘Great Reset’ Underway in the Economy?

– May 18, 2015

George Mason University Professor of Economics Tyler Cowan wrote this interesting piece about the state of the post-Great-Recession economy in today’s edition of The Upshot in The New York Times.


Corporate Strength, Consumer Spending Should Boost Economy

– May 15, 2015

Despite sluggish economic growth over the winter, consumers are poised to lead a resurgence in economic activity in the months ahead, our research team says in the new edition of Business Conditions Monthly.


AIER Participates in the Euro Challenge Competition

– May 14, 2015

The Euro Challenge brings together high school students from around the country, and gives them a chance to think like an economist for the day, to “advise” policymakers about the Euro, and to propose solutions to current economic challenges. I had the privilege of judging the semi-finals this year, which were held in New York on April 30th.


When No News is Good News for the Economy

– May 13, 2015

There were positive signs and not-so-positive signs to be found in this morning’s essentially flat retail sales report from the Commerce Department. But unlike some of the gloom you may be reading this morning from other observers, our senior research fellow, Bob Hughes, says a mixed report actually adds up to a modestly upbeat sign for the economy.


Ranking Where College Grads Move for Jobs

– May 12, 2015

Today, the American Institute for Economic Research ranked the American cities that are most attractive to young college graduates, based on eight economic and quality-of-life factors.


Helping Millennials Make a Big Decision

– May 11, 2015

Tomorrow, the American Institute for Economic Research will release its first annual list of best cities for job-seeking college graduates ages 22-35. Our researchers looked at 260 metro areas large and small, from the biggest metropolis to college towns surrounded by cornfields.


The Fading Economic Soft Patch

– May 8, 2015

This morning provided reassurance that the economy is finding its footing again, as employers added 223,000 jobs in April.