National Defense

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017

In 1969, as the war in Vietnam was raging, AIER Founder Edward C. Harwood and his brothers wrote an open letter to President Richard Nixon.

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010
Re-reading the text book that we used at Grove City College to learn about the principles of sound money, I see that another project at Atlas, our Secure Free Society Project, complements with our Sound Money Project.
Monday, September 15th, 1952

Research Reports - 09/15/1952

Book Reviews "Incentive Management" by James F. Lincoln; "The Economies of Illusion" by L. Albert Hahn

Monday, January 7th, 1952

Research Reports - 01/07/1952

Monday, October 1st, 1951

Research Reports - 10/01/1951

Book Review: 
Economics: Experience and Analysis by Broadus Mitchell et al.

Monday, July 16th, 1951

Research Reports - 07/16/1951

Book Review:
National Transportation Policy by Charles L. Dearing and Wilfred Owen

Monday, July 9th, 1951

Research Reports - 07/09/1951

Book Review:
"Aiding Undeveoped Areas Abroad" edited by Halford L. Hoskins, The Annals, March 1950

Monday, July 2nd, 1951

Research Reports - 07/02/1951

Also: Book Review
Taxable and Business Income by Dan Throop Smith and J. Keith Butters

Monday, June 18th, 1951

Research Reports - 06/18/1951

The New Image of the Common Man by Carl J. Friedrich

Monday, January 1st, 1951

Research Reports - 01/01/1951

Monday, December 25th, 1950

Research Reports - 12/25/1950

Book Review Readings in the Social Control of Industry, Selected by a Committee of the American Economic Association

Monday, December 18th, 1950

Research Reports - 12/18/1950