Defending Freedom, Combating Collectivism

Against collectivist impulses, the defense of freedom, personal responsibility, and the moral, political, legal, and economic foundations of a free society is ever necessary. Protecting the American experiment in ordered liberty is a debt that we owe to the past, and a challenge to pursue in the future. We examine the following issues in this area: the case for free trade vs. protectionism, individualism vs. the new collectivists (DEI/Critical Theory/Marxism/Social Democracy/Economic Nationalism/etc.), shareholder capitalism vs. ESG and stakeholder capitalism, foreign policy for a free society, and the foundations and first principles of freedom and free markets.


Civil Discourse and Political Reality

“It is one thing to dislike someone’s policies and argue against them in a civil discourse, discussing the merits and consequences of their proposals. But there is no place to demonize and so diminish the character of a candidate.” ~Will Sellers

The Threats Posed by Environmental, Social, and Governance Policies

Leaders in business, government, and finance have increasingly imposed Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria on the rest of society. These top-down restrictions on society are costly and ineffective ways to address perceived and actual social problems. Societies flourish when

Unbundling Zoning

This paper investigates the case for abolishing zoning. Recent arguments for zoning abolition maintain that local governments can adequately regulate land use without the strict separation of permitted uses that characterizes modern zoning. The harms of zoning are consequential, and

Sen. Cassidy Sounds Alarm on Union Policies Crushing the Free Market

“What’s good for Big Labor is often quite inconsistent with what’s good for small businesses and their workers. From labor laws to healthcare costs, these Biden initiatives could impose heavy financial burdens and reduce the operational flexibility that America’s entrepreneurs’ owners rely upon for survival.” ~ Thomas Stratmann