Defending Freedom, Combating Collectivism

Against collectivist impulses, the defense of freedom, personal responsibility, and the moral, political, legal, and economic foundations of a free society is ever necessary. Protecting the American experiment in ordered liberty is a debt that we owe to the past, and a challenge to pursue in the future. We examine the following issues in this area: the case for free trade vs. protectionism, individualism vs. the new collectivists (DEI/Critical Theory/Marxism/Social Democracy/Economic Nationalism/etc.), shareholder capitalism vs. ESG and stakeholder capitalism, foreign policy for a free society, and the foundations and first principles of freedom and free markets.


Overpopulation: An Ancient Myth Refuted 

“The innovation required to sustain an ever-increasing world population demands economic and personal freedom. Collectivism and central planning will only restrict the human ingenuity, ideas, and enterprises that will pave the way toward a brighter, more prosperous future.” ~Aidan Grogan

Consumers (Sovereignly) Control Google

“Every commercial choice — buying, selling, abstaining, using — is not just a transaction but a significant vote for who should produce what, when, where, and how.” ~Art Carden

Danger Ahead: Why Antisemitism Is Likely to Grow

“Those who do not want to take responsibility for their choices gravitate to mass movements that promise to alleviate the consequences they face for their poor decisions.” ~Barry Brownstein

Schedule F vs. Reality 

“Reforming the administrative state and rewriting statutes and regulations is hard work, requiring careful policymaking, talented people, and consensus-building. It’s not the product of gimmicks like Schedule F and databases of inexperienced people.” ~Thomas A. Firey

Chin Scratchers Bias Flame Throwers

“Frank Bruni has reached the phase in life where the young activists of his own team are alarming him with their crusading zeal and over-the-top methods.” ~Rachel Lu

Conserving the Conversation 

“The best defense of economic freedom rests not on statistics calculated yesterday, but rather the enduring knowledge of human nature at the heart of Western civilization.” ~Michael Lucchese