AIER College Destinations Index 2013-2014

The “college experience” is about more than simply attending a top-notch university. The city or town where the school is located also is important. The people students meet, the places they go, and the jobs they may hold are essential supplements to formal education.


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The map above provides both a quick snapshot and detailed profiles of each of the top 75 college destinations across America. Find out how every destination ranks in relation to similar localities in each of 12 key criteria.

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The CDI’s objective analysis gives students and their families the ability to choose a college based on factors beyond academics. It also serves as an unbiased report of the opportunities students can expect as they transition to the working world within these areas. Each metropolitan area can use the CDI to gauge its strengths and weaknesses and work towards improving their respective area to attract not just future students, but future producers and consumers.

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