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Business Conditions Monthly September 2023

“While we refrain from providing a specific magnitude for our recession forecast and acknowledge the possibility of inaccuracies or outright error, we maintain our contention that the US will enter an economic recession by September 2024.” ~Peter C. Earle

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The FOMC Was Right to Not Hike

“The best approach for the FOMC is to keep its rate target where it is. We should wait for additional inflation data in November before calling for even-tighter monetary policy.” ~Alexander W. Salter

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Driver Shortage? Not So Fast

“Rather than work with shippers and receivers to fix these issues, the trucking industry has decided that it is more cost effective to stick taxpayers with the bill for replacing truckers who, having discovered that the business neither respects nor pays for their time, make the rational choice to quit.” ~Gord Magill

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