Championing Individual Liberty and Prosperity: Discover Our Core Focus Areas


The Magna Carta’s Constitutional Tradition

“While not perfect by any means, the Magna Carta was the first example of a bloodless revolution in which the rule of law and rights in contracts lead to the advancement of civilization.” ~Will Sellers

Foot Voting Reconsidered: How Should I Think About Leaving?

“Compared to ballot voting, moving has larger individual impacts, which mean greater incentives to acquire knowledge; it provides a better signal to both the country you’re leaving and the one you’re joining.” ~Joakim Book

Conserving the Conversation 

“The best defense of economic freedom rests not on statistics calculated yesterday, but rather the enduring knowledge of human nature at the heart of Western civilization.” ~Michael Lucchese

Democrats Play the Blame Game on Rent Inflation

“Imposing new costly regulations will not make housing more affordable — unleashing the housing supply by deregulating zoning and overly strict building codes will.” ~Louis Rouanet

Stiglitz: When Good Minds Seek Fools’ Favor

“Stiglitz believes ‘education’ should be explicitly designed to attack property rights and to weaken the sense of American exceptionalism, the tradition of classical liberalism.” ~Michael Munger

Don’t Let a Crisis Go to Waste in 2025

” By returning to principles of fiscal responsibility and market-driven activity, America can navigate away from the fiscal abyss and toward a future of economic stability and prosperity.” ~Vance Ginn

Is Promoting to Customers a Crime?

“McKinsey allegedly tried to help Purdue tailor its sales efforts…. There’s nothing mysterious or nefarious about this. To do otherwise would be inefficient and wasteful.” ~ David R. Henderson and Charles L. Hooper

Sense and Nonsense on Petrodollars

“Myths and hyperbole aside, the weakening US-Saudi relationship is one instance amid a growing trend of diminishing US influence in global currency markets and international finance.” ~Peter C. Earle