Sound Money Project


The Sound Money Project was founded in January 2009 to conduct research and promote awareness about monetary stability and financial privacy. The project is comprised of leading academics and practitioners in money, banking, and macroeconomics. It offers regular commentary and in-depth analysis on monetary policy, alternative monetary systems, financial markets regulation, cryptocurrencies, and the history of monetary and macroeconomic thought. The Sound Money Project also hosts an annual essay contest. For the latest on sound money issues, subscribe to our working paper series and follow along on Twitter or Facebook.

Advisory Board: Steve H. Hanke, Jerry L. JordanGerald P. O’Driscoll, Jr., Lawrence H. White
Director: William J. Luther
Senior Fellows: Gerald P. DwyerJoshua R. Hendrickson
Fellows: Scott A. Burns, James L. Caton, Nicolás Cachanosky, Judge GlockAlexander W. Salter
Contributors: Brian C. Albrecht, J.P. Koning

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009
"Free-Market Money: A Key to Peace"Steven Horwitz The Freeman, 58 (1), January-February 2008: 13-15.
Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009
"Money: How it works and why" Steven Horwitz part of the “Key Concepts in Free Markets” series, Fraser Forum, Vancouver, BC: Fraser Institute, April 2009, pp. 16-17.