Liberty Curious

Are you liberty curious? Join us in discussing ideas of liberty, sound money, economic freedom, and the dangers of collectivism. Engaging discussions with leading economists, historians, entrepreneurs, bitcoiners, and friends of liberty.

Kate Wand is a content creator. Her focus is social commentary and filmmaking. She is the host of AIER’s Liberty Curious podcast.

The AIER Standard

The AIER Standard is a production of the American Institute for Economic Research hosted by Ethan Yang. This is a series of conversations with leading scholars, professionals, and activists on their cutting-edge work regarding economic freedom, sound money, and personal liberty.

Ethan Yang is an Adjunct Research Fellow at AIER as well as the host of the AIER’s The Standard Podcast.

He holds a BA in Political Science with a concentration in International Relations with minors in legal studies and formal organizations from Trinity College in Hartford Connecticut. He is currently pursuing a JD from the Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University.


A Conversation on Keynes, Morality, and the Economy

“On this episode of the Authors Corner, Ethan sits down with AIER Visiting Fellow, Dr. Victor Claar to speak about his recent research and publications on the ideas of John Maynard Keynes and their long-term impact on how we view economics from a moral perspective.” ~ AIER

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A Conversation On Wall Street and Dangerous Monetary Policy

“On this episode of the Authors Corner, Ethan Yang sits down with former hedge fund manager and founder of Signals Matter, Matt Piepenburg, to discuss his book Rigged to Fail. Matt brings his years of experience in the financial industry and his academic scholarship to offer a nuanced discussion on financial markets and the Federal Reserve.” ~ AIER

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A Conversation On Fear, Altruism, and Freedom

“On this episode of the Authors Corner, Ethan sits down with AIER’s Design Technologist and Interim Editorial Director, Lou Eastman, to discuss the ideas in his latest article ‘On the Tyranny of Freedom.’ Lou’s article explores the psychological forces that led to the drastic curtailing of our liberty in the age of Covid-19.” ~ AIER

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Debunking The 1619 Project

“With their 1619 Project, the New York Times has weighed in to rewrite American history by deconstructing institutions responsible for our prosperity and our success: free-market capitalism and the United States Constitution. To learn what is true, listen in to Bill Walton’s conversation with Phil Magness who devastatingly debunks these claims.” ~ AIER

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