The 1% Pay 37% of Federal Income Taxes

– March 20, 2020

The IRS has released new tax data that demonstrate how much we’ve been fooled by claims that the rich aren’t paying their fair share. Those claims are based on statistical errors and incomplete data. Now that we have the complete data, we gain more per …


Troubles with the Economists’ Case for a Carbon Tax

– December 30, 2019

Carbon emissions are not, contrary to what many economists and non-economists seem to believe, approaching the idea of a pure externality; their costs are only partially external to the main transaction.


Hipster Antitrust Is Overdue for a Backlash

– December 3, 2019

Democrats can reject neo-Brandeisian antitrust along with the other pillars of left-populism, or seek a victory that in many ways will prolong rather than end the Trump era. 


Decrying Income Inequality Is a Tactic to Gain More Power for Government

– December 1, 2019

The 2020 presidential field is saturated with candidates decrying wealth inequality and making the argument to soak the rich. One front-runner, for instance, is constantly denouncing “the millionaires and the billionaires.” Ominously, a New York Times …


The Times’s Editorial Page Lies with Statistics

– November 14, 2019

When debating tax policy it is important to use empirical evidence to inform the discussion of what rates the top earners currently pay and what rates we would like them to pay, or if a rate change is even warranted at all.


Tariffs Tax Your Freedom

– November 8, 2019

Freedom goes down when tariff revenues go up. It’s high time we revisited the Declaration of Independence and renewed our commitment to freedom.