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January 25, 2022

Groping in the Dark

“This year, Ludwig von Mises’ Socialism turns 100 years old. Pandemic policies went beyond ordinary collectivism in utterly suppressing rather than seizing industries. We now face costly delays, shortages, and rising prices; this is what Mises’ ‘groping in the dark’ looks like.” ~ Peter C. Earle


Robert Hughes

Consumer Confidence Softened in January

“Consumer expectations weakened in January, pulling down overall consumer confidence. Continued expansion remains the likely course, but weaker consumer attitudes could become a headwind.” ~ Robert Hughes


John McGinnis

Jabbing the Administrative State

“Congress will need to be pellucid about what major powers it chooses to delegate. And the administration will have to offer up the real reasons for administrative actions or risk being second-guessed by the judiciary.” ~ John O. McGinnis


Jon Sanders

Freedom and Whisky Go Together Like Tyranny and Oppression

“Burns hails whisky as the drink of the ‘freeborn, martial boys’ of Scotland, and he readily sees the ‘foe’ as government: ‘royal George’s will.’ His final lines are well founded. If tyranny is linked to the oppression of distilling, then it follows that ‘Freedom and whisky go together'” ~ Jon Sanders


Michael Douma

What the Hell is Inflation Anyway?

“Words mean different things to different people, and their meanings change over time. How we define inflation is a matter of choice, but we must also recognize that choice reflects more fundamental beliefs about how the economy functions.” ~ Michael J. Douma


January 24, 2022
Donald J. Boudreaux


“Compared to the lives of our pre-industrial ancestors – and, in fact, compared even to the lives of our literal grandparents – each of our lives today is simple beyond the imagination of those who lived a few generations or more ago.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


Randall Holcombe

Political Preferences and Public Policy

“Citizens and voters have less influence over public policy than a romantic notion of democracy would suggest. The political elite tells voters what to think, and they fall in line behind their leaders.” ~ Randall G. Holcombe


Peter C. Earle

Don’t Look Up: The Allegory We’ve Been Waiting For

“McKay’s dark satire about the inability to warn most people of impending danger before it’s too late should resonate with all who strive for sound money, fiscal sobriety, personal responsibility, and limited government.” ~ Peter C. Earle


January 23, 2022
James Hanley

Africa Needs Carbon Fuels

“It’s time to end environmental colonialism. Let Africa develop – quickly – and they, like people elsewhere, will choose more environmental protection as they grow wealthier.” ~ James E. Hanley


Barry Brownstein

From Darkness to Light

“As long as people believe the current anointed, such as Dr. Fauci, are trusted societal screenwriters the lessons of history, economics, and the laws of power will not be learned. We will continue to deny our responsibility to oppose anyone claiming to be anointed.” ~ Barry Brownstein


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