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Lou Perez

Seth Rogen’s Car

“Don’t let people like Rogen get away with saying, ‘It’s called ‘living in a big city.’ It’s not. It’s about defining what kinds of victimization you’re comfortable seeing others go through.” ~ Lou Perez


James Harrigan

What is Critical Race Theory?

“AIER’s Research Director Phil Magness joins James R. Harrigan, AIER’s Senior Editor, and Antony Davies, Professor of economics at Duquesne University to discuss critical race theory.” ~ AIER


Aaron Coleman

America’s Unplanned Constitutional Tradition

“Liberty and Power demonstrates that Wood is still the consummate historian. Rather than being an ideologue locked into a permanent position, his changes in emphasis from his earlier works reveal a scholar who is willing to reconsider evidence and arguments.” ~ Aaron N. Coleman


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