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Antony Davies

A Perfect Storm of Incentives

“As Omicron looms, and as surely as Pi, Rho, and Sigma will follow, voters should meet their fears with reason, view the media with a skeptical eye, and demand that politicians discuss tradeoffs openly and honestly.” ~ Antony Davies


James Bovard

Covid and Corrupt Federal Statistics

“Bureaucracies conspire against admitting their failures, and politicians often rig reporting requirements to hide the damage their laws inflict. Anyone who has blind faith in federal data is unfit to judge public policy in the real world.” ~ James Bovard


Garreth Bloor

Individualism Rightly Understood

“Mises’ central moral claim is that the public welfare cannot be respected without a methodology that respects all as individuals, and that socialism will inevitably destroy the individual.” ~ Garreth Bloor


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