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Robert Hughes

AIER Leading Indicators Index Holds at the Neutral 50 Mark

“The AIER Leading Indicators index held steady in November, coming in at a neutral 50 for a second month. The result suggests continued economic expansion, but with elevated risks due to sustained upward pressure on prices and recurring waves of new Covid cases.” ~ Robert Hughes


Elizabeth Hicks

The Shady Side of Student Loan Forgiveness

“There are better solutions to address this debt than pushing the burden into taxpayers through loan forgiveness schemes. Instead, policymakers should address the rapidly rising costs of college by closing the loopholes within Borrower to Defense Repayment.” ~ Elizabeth Hicks


Gary Galles

“Free” Sugar Protectionism Is Not As Sweet As It Sounds

“It is past time for Americans to think carefully enough to see through the sugar lobby’s flimsy smokescreens, and demand an end to this inefficient, inequitable and regressive program that raises food prices across a wide spectrum.” ~ Gary M. Galles


Clifford Thies

Bob Dole, a Remembrance

“In accepting the Republican nomination, Dole teared up thinking of the time his father visited him at a veterans’ hospital in Detroit, while he was recovering from his wounds. But, the tear was held back. Always a warrior, there was no defeat in this man.” ~ Clifford F. Theis


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