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Jeffrey Tucker

Is it Proper for Men to Be Creative with Formal Wear?

Only modern capitalistic economies created a glorious opportunity for everyone to dress in the attire reserved for the royalty of old. We democratized formality, and there’s no better time to show precisely how this works than during the holiday season.


Vincent Geloso

The Link Between Prosperity and Freedom Is Even Stronger than You Think

Dictatorships or authoritarian regimes (which also tend to be economically unfree) often put a lot of pressure on their bureaucrats to develop the economy and increase output. Thus are their data positively biased.


Employment report
Robert Hughes

Labor Market Shows Resilience in November

A strong November jobs report suggests support for consumer spending and continued economic expansion, though erratic policies could weigh on consumer and business confidence.


Sean Stein Smith

What’s Gone Wrong with the Aramco IPO?

Imagine for a moment, the following: In an industry with global demand there is one organization that has the following advantages. It has the lowest cost of production for its product, exported and used by every country on the planet, and is part of a publicly recognized and accepted price fixing cartel that can counteract […]



Richard Nixon & the Myth of Independent Fed Policy (Video)

Amity R. Shlaes presents “On the Legacy of American economist and former Chair of the US Federal Reserve, Arthur Burns, during the Keynesian Revolution” at the American Institute for Economic Research Annual Meeting of Voting Members 2019. Current Chair of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, famously claimed Marriner S. Eccles “had created a central bank […]


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