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Jeffrey Tucker

Mary, Joseph, and the Real ID

Think about this story as you contemplate the surveillance, the identity politics, the impending internal passports, and the demographic controls of modern statism. These are tools of oppression.


Art Carden

How Economics Can Ruin Christmas, in a Good Way

Some time ago, I resigned myself to the fact that economists are the wet blankets of the world. We can ruin almost any proposal and almost any situation with just a couple of analytical tools and the words “unintended consequences.” Rent control? It causes shortages and hurts poor people. Minimum wages? They reduce employment and hurt […]


Max Gulker

Hipster Antitrust Is Overdue for a Backlash

Democrats can reject neo-Brandeisian antitrust along with the other pillars of left-populism, or seek a victory that in many ways will prolong rather than end the Trump era.


Edward Stringham

AIER and Giving Tuesday

As you have noticed, the American Institute for Economic Research has enjoyed a wonderfully productive year. There are events every few days, new books every couple of weeks, one hundred or more substantial articles per month, a constant stream of visiting fellows and interns at our offices, rising reach in all our digital platforms, and […]


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