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Robert Hughes

Payroll Gains Beat Expectations, but the Pace Is Slowing

“Payrolls gains beat expectations in November, but the pace appears to be slowing. Mixed signs for the labor market, sustained price pressures, and an aggressive Fed tightening cycle remain risks to the outlook.” ~ Robert Hughes


Vance Ginn

Inflation is Deflating the American Dream

“Big-government policies must end before they send us further down the road to serfdom. Our newly elected officials have a responsibility to prioritize fighting inflation, and restoring the American Dream.” ~ Vance Ginn


Laura Williams

DEA Whistleblower Claims Mass Fraud and Corruption. Is Anyone Surprised?

“What’s good for violent drug cartels is good for the DEA, but bad for the rest of the human race. DEA agents are immersed in a violent and shady world, largely subsidized by US taxpayers and through theft via asset forfeiture.” ~ Laura Williams


Robert E. Wright

We Don’t Need Regulation (or Statist Education)

“At best, costly regulatory and educational bureaucracies fail to protect investors. At worst, they encourage dismisinfoganda and even outright fraud to support radical progressive and collectivist agendas.”~ Robert E. Wright


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