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Joakim Book

The Great Redistribution: Who Benefits From Ruthless Capitalism?

The two ugliest entries in America’s anti-capitalist vocabulary might be “ruthless capitalism” and “speculation.” Ruthless — or any other distasteful adjective of your choosing — capitalism is a mythical kind of heartless profit seeking where owners and managers irrationally care about nothing but the next quarter’s bottom line. Unsurprisingly, any behavior approaching that caricature gets […]


Jeffrey Tucker

What If You Tell the Bartender About Crypto and He Doesn’t Say a Word Back to You?

At the BrainBar festival in Budapest, Hungary, this year, it was my pleasure to stay around an extra day for the filming of a video series on crypto. Basically, they just let me talk and talk to this bartender who never said a word back to me! As a result, I kept trying to engage […]


Warren Gibson

Confessions of an Affluent Welfare Bum

Our obligation is not to don a hair shirt but to understand and explain why these programs should not exist.


Donald J. Boudreaux

Twenty Crazy Beliefs on Economics and Politics

Why do so many American Progressives, fearing that rich people abuse state power, aim to reduce the riches of rich people, instead of the state power that Progressives admit is subject to being abused? Why do so many American Progressives wish to put even larger swathes of our lives under political control given their belief […]


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