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Jeffrey Tucker

One Hundred Exhortations: Why We Hate Airports

At some point, human beings feel a sense of demoralization when they are treated like cattle. That is precisely the feeling one gets at airports today.


Edward Stringham

Edward Stringham on Trends and Ideas of Our Time (Video)

AIER President Edward Stringham again joins Fox News’ Cavuto: Coast to Coast panel to discuss doubt about the future of Donald Trump’s trade tariffs among many other topics. Stringham asserts that tariffs are taxes on American businesses, disrupt supply chains, and impede the potential of the U.S. economy. He emphasizes the widespread censure by economists […]


Joakim Book

Don’t Hand Over Your Money to Uncompetitive Banks

Having lived abroad for most of the last seven years, I am painfully aware of the challenges that emerge from having incomes, assets, and costs in different currencies. Sometimes that yields you unexpected windfalls, like when the British pound (GBP) between 2013 and 2015 was dirt cheap for us with incomes and assets in Swedish […]


J.P. Koning

PayPal, Pornhub, and Financial Inclusion

While PayPal’s de-risking of PornHub is unfortunate, there are many alternative payment options available to PornHub’s content providers. Competition saves the day. For now, at least.


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