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Robert Hughes

Housing Outlook Remains Cautious

A drop in new housing permits and a plunge in homebuilder sentiment suggest the outlook for housing remains cautious.


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Chloe Anagnos

Two Treatises On Competitive Currency and Banking by Lysander Spooner (full text), edited by Phil Magness

By making these lost Spooner treatises available again after more than a century in seclusion, it is my hope that they will both further our historical understanding of the time in which they were written and offer relevant insights to the evolution of economic ideas in the present day.


Edward Stringham

Cause and Control of the Business Cycle (full text), Foreword by Edward Stringham

This remarkable book was published in 1932. E.C. Harwood’s ideas about inflation and the business cycle have relevance for our knowledge and for policy discussions today.


Veronique de Rugy

A Woman’s Right to a Free Market

Women have come a long way. Isn’t it ironic, then, that women’s freedoms are today being constrained by misguided government policies enacted in the name of increasing that freedom? In other words, there are still battles yet to be won and disasters yet to prevent.


Max Gulker

The Ugly Truth About Amazon’s HQ2 Beauty Contest

Amazon’s highly coveted HQ2 is probably a good deal for company and cities alike, but for the rest of us, it’s just another frustrating example of what happens when big business and big government join hands.


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