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Robert Hughes

Election and Resurging Virus Drag Down Consumer Sentiment

“Consumer sentiment fell in early November following the election and a resurgence in Covid-19 infections. Combined with renewed restrictions, the outlook remains highly uncertain.” – Robert Hughes


Jeffrey Tucker

Even a Military-Enforced Quarantine Can’t Stop the Virus, Study Reveals

“The lockdowners keep telling us to pay attention to the science. That’s what we are doing. When the results contradict their pro-compulsion narrative, they pretend that the studies do not exist and barrel ahead with their scary plans to disable all social functioning in the presence of a virus. Lockdowns are not science. They never have been. They are an experiment in social/political top-down management that is without precedent in cost to life and liberty.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


Joakim Book

The Orwellian Pandemic

“This strange power of language to change hearts and minds was always dubious at best but has, in our times of coronavirus need, gone completely berserk. If we tell a virus to back off, it will. If we ensure one another with empty religious phrases, we’ll all be protected from God’s wrath. George Orwell and his ‘Politics and the English Language’ has never felt more relevant.” ~ Joakim Book


Daniel Mitchell

State and Local Governments Should Not Get a Bailout – either from Congress or the Federal Reserve

“A Biden Administration likely will be able to give states and localities a bailout, even if Congress doesn’t approve a new ‘stimulus,’ and even if the Trump Administration doesn’t extend the Federal Reserve’s authority. But at least the incoming Biden people would have to jump through a few hoops.” ~ Daniel J. Mitchell


Ethan Yang

A Second National Lockdown is Dangerous and Reckless

“To say that now the entire country should enter a 4-6 week shutdown stricter than all that came before is not only tone deaf but reckless. Such a policy will likely have untold consequences that go beyond economic devastation. Suicides, substance abuse, and social turmoil have been exacerbated as a result of lockdowns, and they will only worsen under this new policy.” ~ Ethan Yang


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