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John Tamny

Joe Biden, the New York Times, ‘Dark’ Winters, and ‘Terrifying Surges’

“The more a country tests, the more infections that country will unearth. Doctors and other experts can decide for themselves whether relentless testing is good, bad, or not terribly relevant, but it presumably explains a lot when it comes to virus spread in the U.S. More than politicians and sub-editors want to admit, their predictions and headers are really just statements of a not so dark or terrifying obvious.” ~ John Tamny


Alexander W. Salter

The Fed Has A Commitment Problem

“The whole point of a central bank is competently administering monetary policy. Right now, the Fed is failing at this basic task.” ~ Alexander W. Salter


Robert Hughes

Food and Gasoline Offset in the Everyday Price Index

“AIER’s Everyday Price Index fell 0.1 percent in October as food and energy price changes largely offset each other.” – Robert Hughes


Benjamin Powell

Tyler Cowen Is Wrong About Great Barrington Declaration on Lockdown Policies

“Lockdowns are being re-imposed across Europe, and we’re in increasing danger of seeing them re-imposed in parts of the United States. Ironically, if policy makers heed the advice in the Great Barrington Declaration, which Tyler disagrees with, then the lockdowns would be behind us.” ~ Benjamin Powell


Robert E. Wright

Who to Believe? What to Believe?

“The real world is complex and most of us do not have the information, or the information processing capabilities, to make sense out of much of it. So instead of jumping on intellectual bandwagons and opining that Y is the best color, or masks work because … they do!, or somebody on TV says so, try just watching, listening, thinking, and asking questions, especially about alternatives.” ~ Robert E. Wright


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