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Daniel Sutter

Government Jobs for All?

“Production requires real work, not government make-work jobs. By diverting millions out of productive private sector jobs, the MMT jobs guarantee seems guaranteed to impoverish America.” ~ Daniel J. Sutter


Michael Fumento

J&J Isn’t the Bad Guy in the Talcum Tort Transfer

“The HHS National Toxicology Program doesn’t list talc as a cause of human cancer. The Cancer Council of Western Australia goes so far as to call any link between talc and cancer, and specifically talc and ovarian cancer, ‘a myth.'” ~ Michael Fumento


John Tamny

Book Review: George Melloan’s ‘Bogus Science’

“George Melloan’s Bogus Science should loom large in changing the terms of the ‘global warming’ discussion to far more reasonable ones.” ~ John Tamny


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