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Paul Schwennesen

A Question of Relationships: Are Our Personal Preferences Always “Personal?”

“Accounting for the influence of relational dynamics may help us better understand some of the more vexing behaviors left unexplained by an over-strict adherence to methodological individualism.” ~ Paul Schwennesen & April Liu


Satya Marar

Consumers Stand to Lose From Swipe Card Regulations

“Consumers stand to lose from fewer choices, less credit access, less secure transactions, and the evaporation of reward programs and other benefits.” ~ Satya Marar


Peter C. Earle

Markets Rally Despite Inflation Report: Peter C. Earle on CBS News (Video)

“Peter C. Earle, economist and research faculty at the American Institute for Economic Research, joined CBS News to discuss financial markets and the economy in light of the CPI report.” ~ AIER


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