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Robert Hughes

Consumer Sentiment Remains Subdued in October

“Consumer sentiment remains well below pre-pandemic levels with Covid-19 and extreme political partisanship the main reasons. The economic outlook remains highly uncertain.” – Robert Hughes


Robert E. Wright

US v. Lopez Voids the National Mask Mandate

“The Founders, like the rest of us, were flawed, their rationality bounded by the assumptions of their times, when gentlemen and statesmen would never stoop so low as Biden appears ready to do in his brazen attempt to follow ‘the’ scientists but not ‘the other’ scientists.” ~ Robert E. Wright


covid vaccine
Michael Fumento

How Spreading Covid-19 Hysteria Will Backfire for the Covid-19 Vaccine

“Risk can be mitigated and it can be proportional to the threat. We cannot let panic or the terrible damage inflicted on numerous populations by unwise lockdown efforts change this strategy.” ~ Michael Fumento


Jenin Younes

Paul Krugman, the Lock-’Em-Down Economist

“Those genuinely interested in finding the best solutions to complex problems do not automatically react with vitriol, smears, and petty insults, but carefully contemplate the ideas in question. One might speculate that the flippancy with which Krugman, Khullar, and the other elite pundits dismiss the injury caused by lockdowns reflects the truth that for them – as opposed to the underprivileged – these measures are a mere inconvenience.” ~ Jenin Younes


Art Carden

Leave Me Alone and I’ll Make You Rich: Who Made Our Book Possible?

“Our book’s policy recommendations can be reduced to two words: stop it. Consider the possibility that the people you wish to tax, regulate, subsidize, evaluate, and experiment upon should simply be left alone to go about their business. Stop it, we say, and let them make us rich.” ~ Art Carden


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