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Robert Hughes

Single-Family Housing Permits Extend Five-Month Surge

“Single-family housing continues to be one of the strongest areas of the economy, supported by low mortgage rates and rising demand as urbanites seek less dense housing.” – Robert Hughes


John Tamny

Thomas Friedman Remains Rather Smitten With Authoritarianism

“Better than Friedman’s authoritarianism is choice. Really, who needs to be told to be careful if a virus is spreading that might make us sick, or if we’re very old (according to the New York Times) might in very rare circumstances kill us? If something threatens, the logical answer is yet again freedom. Sadly the U.S. failed there, but even then the failure had a local quality to it.” ~ John Tamny


The World Health Organization Was Against Quarantines Only Last Year
Jeffrey Tucker

The World Health Organization in 2011 Warned Against a “Culture of Fear”

“What we see in this remarkable memo is identical to the ethos and import of the Great Barrington Declaration, which since its release has been treated like some kind of radical and controversial statement. Actually, the World Health Organization said the same thing in 2011 with much tougher language and more biting analytics, essentially warning that the world is being trolled by interest groups with a vested stake in panic over rational public health measures.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


clarity, mountain
Donald J. Boudreaux

The Economic Way of Thinking Brings Clarity

“Nancy Pelosi presides over a chamber of politicians who vote on taxing and spending bills that transfer money from some Americans to other Americans – a fact that (inexplicably!) propels Ms. Pelosi to boast that she and her colleagues, not taxpayers such as Mr. Blitzer, feed poor Americans. On top of this appalling pretension, Ms. Pelosi expects CNN’s audience to believe that she and her Congressional colleagues ‘know’ poor Americans in a way that non-politicians don’t.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


Robert E. Wright

Through the Pinhole, Clearly

“The problem isn’t that healthcare professionals and sundry medical scientists see the entire world unclearly, or that they sense only part of the proverbial elephant in the room, it is that they see the world very clearly indeed, but only through their own little pinhole view of it.” ~ Robert E. Wright


denialism, head in the sand
Phillip W. Magness

The Strange Advent of Lockdown Denialism

“As the latest repackaging of this epidemiological bill of goods gains traction in our public discourse, the world has but one viable pathway out of the present social, economic, and medical hellscape. And that is to meet the lockdowners with a resounding no.” ~ Phillip W. Magness


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