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Robert Hughes

Lingering Effects from Covid and Hurricane Ida Hurt Industrial Output in September

“Industrial output fell in September as the lingering effects of Covid and Hurricane Ida restrain production. It may take some time for the effects to dissipate.” – Robert Hughes


Joakim Book

The Route of (Least) Resistance

“Refuse to let political issues invade the areas of our lives that we cherish; politics and political disagreements don’t belong there, and our lives are too important to let them be ruled by (mostly contrived) political disagreements.” ~ Joakim Book


Charles Hooper

The FDA’s War Against the Truth on Ivermectin

“The FDA spreads lies and alarms Americans while preventing drug companies from providing us with scientific explorations of existing, promising, generic drugs.” ~ Charles L. Hooper & David R. Henderson


Peter C. Earle

The Crime Dividend of Pandemic Policies

“The tradeoffs of pandemic policies were apparent early on, and now include mounting levels of fraud, theft, and violence. Although it is unlikely, hopefully that revelation will inform future policy choices.” ~ Peter C. Earle


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