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Robert Hughes

Groceries Feed Gains in the Everyday Price Index in September

“AIER’s Everyday Price Index posted its tenth consecutive increase in September led by groceries. Prices of many goods and services continue to be distorted by the lingering effects of the pandemic including shortages, logistical and supply chain issues, and labor problems. As these distortions fade, price pressures are likely to ease.” – Robert Hughes


William J. Luther

Assessing Market Expectations of Inflation

“Those denying any risk that inflation will remain above target or confidently predicting that 4 percent inflation will be the new normal, are not within the range of reasonable. They are rightly ridiculed.” ~ William J. Luther


Theodore Gebhard

Capital Accumulation and the Reconciliation Package

“Misguided tax hikes on businesses and individuals that discourage saving and diminish funds for private investment must be avoided. Neglecting this legislation’s adverse impact on capital accumulation means robbing future prosperity for the sake of the present social ends.” ~ Theodore A. Gebhard


James L. Caton

Is Larry Summers Channeling Benjamin Anderson?

“The post-2008 framework has incentivized the destabilization of monetary policy. The sooner we recognize this fact, the sooner we can seriously discuss a solution to the problem.” ~ James L. Caton


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