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Jenin Younes

Lockdowners Speak with Privilege, and Contempt for the Poor and Working Class

“Undoubtedly, Gonsalves is an excellent scientist, but his opinions about the course of action we should take in response to the coronavirus have nothing to do with his professional qualifications, and everything to do with his political views. To the extent that he has attempted to smear Bhattacharya, Gupta, and Kulldorff as acting to further some covert right-wing political agenda, this is simply a classic case of Freudian projection.” ~ Jenin Younes


Gilbert Berdine

Lockdowns of Young People Lead to More Deaths from Covid-19

“Lockdowns of young people will not work irrespective of how many so-called experts claim otherwise. An argument or decision stands on its merit rather than the prestige of the person articulating it. The proper role of experts in a free society is to give advice by explaining the options rather than forcing decisions upon free people.” ~ Gilbert Berdine


united nations headquarters
Peter C. Earle

Lockdowns Have Killed What’s Left of the United Nations’ Credibility

“Long a failing institution, inaction during global lockdowns should be the final nail in the United Nation’s coffin.” ~ Peter C. Earle


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