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Antony Davies

They’re Coming for You

“Federal spending is out of control. Politicians know it and they know that they can’t stop it. A day of reckoning is coming. Politicians hope that we’ll keep pointing fingers at the rich so we don’t notice who the real culprits are.” ~ Antony Davies


Wilfred M. McClay

Has America Lost Its Story?

“A robust civic education, which seeks to impart that ‘sense of continuity with generations gone before’ of which Dos Passos spoke and begins the process of locating one’s life in a meaning larger than oneself, is an important step back from the precipice.” ~ Wilfred M. McClay


Max Borders

Sensemaking in the Era of Authoritarian Media

“Authoritarians are counting on our ignorance, which they will use to justify a new kind of truth. Software developers of the world: Please build us a truth tracking system. You might just upgrade humanity’s sensemaking for good.” ~ Max Borders


James Bovard

The Secret Tariff Code Heist

“Unfortunately, as long as politicians can profiteer from restricting imports, protectionism will continue reviving. Most of the media continues to ignore the economic carnage resulting from protectionist decrees that, after all these years, still cannot pass the laugh test.” ~ James Bovard


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