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Edward Stringham

Rising Economist Ion Sterpan Will Be Missed

RIP to the 2017 AIER C. Lowell Harriss Fellowship winner, Ion Sterpan. He was a bright young man who was making important contributions to the study of private governance.


Miami - 2017 -- group
Natalia Smirnova

Teachers Started Lesson Implementations

One of the unique features of AIER’s Teach-the-Teachers program is the opportunity for teachers to field test the lesson idea, developed at the workshop, in their classroom. The Fall semester is the time for a field test, so we are excited to learn how many teachers are planning to implement their lesson idea.


Max Gulker

The Real Innovation of the Sharing Economy

Internet-based platforms have connected individuals to each other for almost two decades. The real innovation at the heart of what’s been named the “sharing economy” is the realization that such peer-to-peer matching can transform markets for services such as transportation, lodging, and general errands.


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