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Thomas Krannawitter

Reflections on Constitution Day 2022

“On this Constitution Day 2022, it’s good to remember the Constitutional insights offered by Frederick Douglass. The Constitution was made for a nation that was born with slavery and would later, in its maturity, rejoice in the abolition of slavery. He was right.” ~ Thomas L. Krannawitter


James Harrigan

A Constitutionalist Shift

“Over the past century and a half, the federal government has quietly morphed from a government based on a constitution to a government based on a constitutional tradition.” ~ James R. Harrigan & Antony Davies


Robert E. Wright

America’s Other Constitution

“Americans must strenuously reassert their natural right to be left to do as they wish unless their behaviors demonstrably injure other Americans. Even then they should be allowed to pursue voluntary solutions before governments may constitutionally intercede.” ~ Robert E. Wright


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