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Kimberlee Josephson

Why Workplace Skills Rather Than Leadership Strategies Should Be Prioritized in Higher Ed

“Clearly, the business realm is ever-evolving and this is why management strategies, as well as educational instruction, must change accordingly.” ~ Kimberlee Josephson


Michael Douma

The Venture Capitalist Approach to Being an Academic

“By diversifying their research, and working on multiple projects on new, different topics, venture academics have a chance to make a greater research contribution than if they were to work in traditional ways.”~ Michael J. Douma


Martin Cullip

United Kingdom Data Show the U.S. Public Is Badly Served by the FDA

“The American public is badly served by the FDA’s incompetence, while the U.K. is actively acknowledging and embracing tobacco harm reduction. Adults who smoke in America deserve better than a regulatory agency that has lost sight of its prime purpose — saving lives, not petty politics.” ~ Martin Cullip


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