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James Harrigan

U.S. Economic Freedom Index Collapses to Carter Administration Levels

“These new data provide us an unwelcome warning of what happens when the power of government becomes unmoored from any restraint, but the trend may yet be reversible.” ~ James R. Harrigan & Phillip W. Magness


Robert Hughes

Initial Claims Fall for the Fourth Consecutive Week

“Weekly initial claims fell for a fourth consecutive week suggesting the labor market remains solid. Rapid price increases, low consumer confidence, and aggressive Fed tightening remain major risks for the economic outlook.” ~ Robert Hughes


Antony Davies

A Way Out

“It will take about 90 years for the phase-out plan to completely pay for itself. But, it took Social Security almost a century to dig the hole in which we now find ourselves.” ~ Antony Davies


Clara Piano

The Best Policy for Supporting Families Is “Do No Harm”

“At a time when Americans (and conservative intellectuals in particular) are increasingly interested in policies to support family life, the economic way of thinking has much to contribute to this important conversation.” ~ Clara E. Piano


Peter C. Earle

Every Curve Flattened

“Thoughtlessly mandating the crushing of trends, in retail electricity prices, unemployment, infections, and beyond, is killing the proverbial messenger.” ~ Peter C. Earle


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