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Richard M. Ebeling

America’s Fiscal Follies are Dangerously in the Red

“History is filled with many examples of financial and economic disaster that has followed government fiscal recklessness. It can happen even here, in America.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


Robert Hughes

AIER’s Leading Indicators Index Improves in August but Remains Well Below Neutral

The AIER Business Cycle Conditions indexes remained well below neutral in August, suggesting a rapid recovery is unlikely and that full recovery may be more drawn out, uneven, and uncertain.


Joakim Book

Assar Lindbeck – Sweden’s Greatest Economist Died 90 Years Old

“Lindbeck was a great economist and public voice of economic sanity. He will be sorely missed.” ~ Joakim Book


Simon Constable

The Fed’s Policy Shift to Let Inflation Rip Higher Is Deeply Flawed

“It’s hard to see the Fed achieving higher inflation, given its recent failure in this matter. A quick look at the monthly consumer price index data over the last decade shows that for the vast majority of the period, inflation was well below 2%. Or put another way, despite all the money printing by the Fed and extended periods of low interest rates, the Fed hasn’t hit its targets in any sustainable way.” ~ Simon Constable


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